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Info On New Modes

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User Info: shakaflocka

4 years ago#1
played all 3 modes predator is obviously the best but i cant win at anything cause i dont really know anything about the modes just need some info and tips
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User Info: boy316

4 years ago#2
It is also my favorite game mode, my preferred method of attack is the ram(move to direction you desired to ram and hold the A/green button) I do a short distance ram, if I didn't hit the target, I cancel it, change direction and do it again. The claw RB feels slow and never did anything for me, when I successfully grabbed a player, I often want to immediately throw him/her away(caused dying status) to prevent surrounding players to save him/her( press B/red button close to Ustanak when you are human characters). I have yet to try the canon and the spinning maze thing (never seen any one used it) I have to go out for a party now, add me if you want, gt: demonboy316.
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