DLC Modes: Lacking Options?

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User Info: FrogEyez

4 years ago#1
So the DLC modes don't really allow you to adjust the options in any way (unable to change time limits, weapon loadouts, etc.) so if they were to patch these modes what options would you add to balance/alter the game modes?

- Toggle Quickshot: On/Off
If turned (Off) the Quickshot ability is disabled.
This would deal with Quickshot spammers and force you to aim yourself (the way the games intended to be played).

- Custom Weapon Loadout: On/Off
If turned (On), players are able to create their own weapon loadout.
Each played would be given 10 'points' to create a loadout, so for example a Magnum would be worth something like 7 'points' out of a total 10 where as a Handgun would use up something like 3/4 'points' and a Grenade/Herb 2 'points' so you wouldn't be able to make an OP loadout to keep things balanced.

- Agent Death: On/Off
If turned (On) Agent Players can be killed if they're hit in dying state.
An advantage to the Ustanak, forces players to play more carefully and takes away the ability to abuse invincibility frames (while healing dying players).

- Time Limit: On/Off
If turned (Off) the time limit is removed and the game does not end until either the Agent Players or Ustanak are victorious/defeated.

Feel free to add your own.
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User Info: Blazefire_

4 years ago#2
Honestly the modes themselves are pretty boring lol. MP is pisspoor I wish it had a lot more depth
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User Info: mourn123

4 years ago#3
Split Screen. Already getting tired of the new modes and split screen would have given them more replayability for many people.
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