Tier 1 RE6 Players Wanted

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User Info: GonjiGango

4 years ago#1
Looking for some, top rated RE6 players. were talking 1,200,000+ SCORES in mercs and you have to have the new DLC versus content. I will be helping people boost for DLC Achievements, along with looking for good team mates for any game type. People that get 150/150 combo's in merc's and destroy in survivors. please have your camera and aiming sensitivety at 10 or max, and the new DLC options to enlarge your width set to 15 each or max, for Pro control setup. Will also be teaching the "camera Trick" to those who don't use it to Aim like a Pro. My GT is= Chronic Amuser. Send me a Friend request if you think your a tier 1 player, and play RE6 often. Please no scrubs!!! You must be atleast 15 years old, NO LITTLE KIDS mature players only. I will help with anything you need along with getting 1million+++ scores in mercs. also willing to help with campaign on veteran or higher. Just send me a friend request stating you are down for RE6 and your replying to this topic, i'll be getting on at 2:00 eastern time United States. See you all on Xbox live, have a awsome 2013!!!
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User Info: Shadowlinkex

4 years ago#2
Well this is very demanding...

User Info: Coolgecko8

4 years ago#3
"tier 1"

(message deleted)

User Info: SquallLuvsL4P

4 years ago#5
if my uncle heard you say that who is a marine Lt. he would probably punch you in the throat, and then break down all your insecurities until you started to cry and then offer you a tampon

This alone just proves you have no life.

Hell if it wasn't funny though, haha

This post is made of 100% REAL CHEESE
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User Info: Shadowlinkex

4 years ago#6
... is there a tl;dr version?

Like seriously.

User Info: Coolgecko8

4 years ago#7
GonjiGango posted...
i love how 90% of gaming community is negative insecure, know it alls who can't even enjoy the game they bought. If this topic means so little to you why even post? Oh yea thats right because when u have no life and spend most of your time on forums bashing people for their opinions and promoting your own, instead of actually enjoying the game you own with others, who just so happen to enjoy the same game. Or maybe finding common ground and trying promote, or get along with the very gaming community your a part of instead you must express arrogance and pride. Why don't you instead promote the community your a part of on the board your posting on. Instead of just adding your own selfish opinion such as a comment "Tier 1 pfffftttt" if my uncle heard you say that who is a marine Lt. he would probably punch you in the throat, and then break down all your insecurities until you started to cry and then offer you a tampon. Why did you even waste your such valuable time replying to my post, and instead go do whatever it is that you do. I love how most gamers should be a close knit community that supports one another and respecting others opinions rather then finding fault in everything you can. This is in my opinion why most gamers are complete and utter spoiled bratz who depend on mommy and daddy for everything while hence insulting any and everything that you can. Gamers should support one another not try to tear eachother apart. funny how the only thing you could find to comment on about my entire topic is the fact that i used the term "Tier 1" is there a better term i could use instead to personallly please just you, maybe "good player", "doesn't suck and die often" "knowledgeable at RE6" i mean pick one. In my opinion which i'm entitled too you sir suck as a human being and are a utter waste of space, air, and human life seeing as you will probably never improove the lives of anyone around you, and you obviously had enough time to express your arrogance on my topic. why don't you do yourself a favor and get a girlfriend maybe then you won't be such a prick, and that woman/girl could then help improve your qaulity of life. what will the next post be something along the lines of "OMFG WALL OF TEXT, WHAT A LOSER BLAH BLAH BLAH" in my opinion people like you should be castrated so that you are incapable reproducing any sort offspring with your genetic make-up not to mention you would probably be a horrible parent. I do take joy in knowing for a fact you must be a sad lonely person, and you can make up any lie and post whatever you want to try and convince me otherwise, oh wait i don't care because i'de rather play the game i posted the topic about. You sir should probably find a dark corner and bash yourself in the head with your xbox 360 to see if just maybe, by chance it could knock some sense into you. TO ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO WOULD JUST LIKE TO PLAY THE GAME AND ENJOY IT BY ALL MEANS LETS DO THIS, see you all on RE6, or not. Either way i will be enjoying the game. Happy 2013.....

I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the BSAA, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Neo-Umbrella, and I have over 300 confirmed zombie kills. I am trained in B.O.W. warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire BSAA. Etc.

User Info: burnoutguy314

4 years ago#8
Chances are anyone who scores 1.2 mill in mercs, can 150 a stage, kill in survivors; they already know how to play the game.

Lower your standards TC.

User Info: NekoSlave

4 years ago#9
Don't dishonor the Marines by making such a suggestion.
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User Info: Afarique

4 years ago#10
Okay, coolgecko's comment was just (at the very least) a sarcastic remark that I'm surprised you took seriously. You shouldn't get worked up over things on the internet dude.

And also, you said that we should all support each other as a community but then you type a whole "wall of text" bashing one of the members. Contradicting much?

Now in response to your original post, good luck! ^_^
GT: Dzieckoh
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