I'm a Noob in Survivors

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User Info: DarkThunder09

4 years ago#1
So I bought the 3-mode Versus DLC for Resident Evil 6 today. I was hype. So I decided to play Survivors, and out of the 6 matches I played, even getting a single point is difficult for me to get. Just to clarify what I mean, I'm getting quickshotted by shotguns from an unreal amount of range, too far from a normal quick shot you can do to an enemy. I just get quick shotted and quick shotted and quick shotted over and over again until my health flypasts itself. Do you helpful RE6 board members have any simple tips for an extreme noob like me to win at Survivors in RE6, especially considering I was really good in both Survivors and Slayers in RE5.
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User Info: Coolgecko8

4 years ago#2
I personally prefer to hide (don't draw attention to yourself) and I mainly play as Leon's costume.

Wait for two people to duke it out first. Then when one of them is down on the ground, I either snipe the downed one, or throw my incendiary grenade at the two of them. Killing the one downed, and hurting the other.

In Teams, meet up with the closet teammate to you. You stand a better chance together than apart.

If you quickshot alot, use your herbs to recover stamina.

And if you're dealing with someone playing as Agent, run around him to make him waste amno for his magnum.

User Info: mourn123

4 years ago#3
I stopped playing Survivors - It's just too broken in too many ways. Onslaught is ok but I can never find people to play and Predator is fun at first but gets boring.

Anyways, just try not to draw attention to yourself too soon and work on people already fighting. One on one is usually a crap shoot.

User Info: Elite_Beat_Azn

4 years ago#4
-Don't draw attention to yourself. If two people are fighting, let one die and take take of the other.

-Helena's default loadout is great. With her rifle, slide into someone. You can then follow up with a bayonet stab, and her regular melee. Your opponent will be out of stamina, so you can coup de grace them.

-Pharmacist is a really great skill to have.
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User Info: DarkThunder09

4 years ago#5
Thank you people for the advice, it has really helped me a lot :)
Master Ninja
Gamertag: Kr4toS xD


4 years ago#6
biggest advice and most important one i think is that dont take it too seriously

the mode is broken as hell lol, its not balanced at all

learn the random weapon spawns like the grenade launcher or magnum

if you have a character with a flashbang, use it!! it drains their stamina and they cant melee or quick shot. careful though because if you are too close you will drain your own

do not approach hunk/agent head on, all these agent players who think they are good all they do is spam quickshot damage increase skill. it is very brainless but also very effective.
if you see one try to flank them or just wait for them to engage someone else

pharmacist is extremely good as it gives you more chances to heal yourself which is invaluable in vs

but yea the more you play, the more you will see player tendencies and have fun, like i said dont take it too seriously since it is pretty silly how broken they left this mode
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