This game can be really stubborn at times...

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  3. This game can be really stubborn at times...

User Info: levyjl1988

5 years ago#1
I find it quite annoying that some segments in the game just annoys the hell out of me....
Things such:

-When you press select and move over to the right with the reverse icon it says: "Start from the beginning". This is damn confusing, it SHOULD say "Restart at last checkpoint".

-When you melee an opponent who is down and try to aim for the head you hit it's stomach or it's other body part. So you may have to fight with the controls just so you can actually target your melee right to kill it when they are on the ground. What should happen is if the opponent is downed, you should be able to attack and kill it right away. The game feels vastly inconsistant if you can do those awesome LT+RT moves but you can't target your melee correctly on downed opponents.
I find it way easier to foot stomp on enemies easier in games like Dead Space than it is in Re6.

-The menu navigation is dreadful. At times when you start boot up this game it's bloody ridiculous navigating. Like What the hell is the difference between Special Features and Extra Content, isn't it the same? Or what about New Game + compared to Chapter Select? Although I heard by doing New Game + you lose out on all your weapons you collect and gear.

-Being unable to pick up items when your inventory is full. This makes mixing herbs more difficult than it sounds. Dropping items make them disappear entirely, which I find really stupid.

-Being unable to share ammunition with buddies like you did in Re5.

-What's the point of putting costumes on and why not just make it in game unlocks?

-On what the hell does dioramas do? Does it serve a point? Can you share it or show off to friends?

-Sometimes I have no idea what the developers were thinking, if it was lack of critical thinking skills or if something was mistranslated along the way, etc.

I'm not bashing on the game. The game is great, but it does suffer from some inadequacies that become a blemish throughout the entire package.
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User Info: NekoSlave

5 years ago#2
Costumes in campaign where you can actually enjoy them.
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User Info: deadpool_legend

5 years ago#3
levyjl1988 posted...

-Being unable to share ammunition with buddies like you did in Re5.

This is only online. Play split screen and you can do it. The reason it doesn't work online is (to my knowledge) because when you break open a box, you may see pistol ammo, but your friend sees shotgun ammo and you can pick up the pistol ammo and your friend can pick up the shotgun ammo. So basically by it NOT playing like RE5, you are getting twice the items you would normally get. Trust me, I play Mercenaries split screen a lot and it gets frustrating to try to divide up the healing items, but I never have to worry about that when I play online because I know my partner gets their own set of healing items and we aren't sharing them.
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User Info: Andronicus87

5 years ago#4
No on NG+ it lets you choose the option of starting bare or not.
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  3. This game can be really stubborn at times...

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