Things you miss most from the series..

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User Info: Weems2k

4 years ago#11
ClassicAntix posted...
resident evil may have been creepy when you were 10, but you arent 10 anymore. though your whiny post makes me think otherwise.

i never found resident evil games creepy or scary. but then again i was older when resident evil came out.

as far as "not knowing whats gona happen" every game is like that when you first play it. sure you dont know exactly whats gona happen, but this is resident evil 6. (not 1) so you can have a good idea about whats gona happen. zombies and stuff will come for you.

the fixed camera let you see everything around you, in 3rd person u cant see behind you, giving the newer RE more of an edge when it comes to danger.

ammo was never an issue in any resident evil game. there was always an abundance of it. if you were short on ammo in a game where u had to aim in a 2d world, then you are just bad at games. try not missing and try searching more. ammo is everywhere in all resident evils. ironically, re6 was the first re game i actually ran out of ammo for my guns. even with enemies dropping it!

verdict: all re games are the same. switching from fixed to 3rd person doesn't mean anything. you still have to survive. you still have to fight zombies. and all re games are action games. grow up.

Hmm. Sounds like you're the one being a whining bi*ch that needs to grow up. Where in my post did I say this game sucks? I was merely bringing up a few things that I miss from the older games that we don't see anymore. By the way, you obviously have never played RE 1 on advanced mode. Doesn't matter how accurate you are, there is only a set amount of ammo available, especially as Chris. With all the enemies taking more shots, you definitely will run out in no time blasting every zombie you see. Even RE4 on professional can be tight with ammo
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User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#12
Have you SEEN the new CG movies? Tyrants (and lickers) Are still out there, and still VERY effective.
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User Info: cougertheclown

4 years ago#13
Actual suspense. :|
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User Info: SnizMasterJ

4 years ago#14
Degalon posted...
Have you SEEN the new CG movies? Tyrants (and lickers) Are still out there, and still VERY effective.

Thats whats so sad, They are in the CG movies but elude the video games.

User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#15
Weems2k posted...
Things you miss most from the series..

The games being half-decent and playable.

User Info: Dave_Gahan

4 years ago#16
MashYouGood posted...
Weems2k posted...
Things you miss most from the series..

The games being half-decent and playable.


User Info: BlueJester007

4 years ago#17
I don't think the main criticism is "the game is not like Resident Evil anymore". I think it is because the game itself is pretty mediocre. This game could have been called anything else and it still would have been a half-assed pile of mediocrity.
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#18
I miss being scared. I miss feeling unsure about how to proceed. I miss being in a constant alert status. I miss being punished for mistakes. This game has no tention, and isnt even remotely frightening. Being chased by Nemesis. Realising you forgot to burn a corpse in 1, seeing your first Regenerator. These types of memories, are just gone now..
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User Info: j_person_425

4 years ago#19
I really miss having one or two large, central environments that are interesting to navigate and explore, like the mansion or the police station. Part of the fun was investigating your surroundings and figuring out how to progress, and feeling that sense of accomplishment when you finally have that key or crest that you've needed every time you've gone past a locked door.
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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
4 years ago#20
See here's the problem with everyone saying "FEAR IS MISSING". Resident Evil was never really that scary to begin with.

A lot of us were young when the RE games came out. They were scary because they looked like crap, controlled like crap, and they littered it with haunted house-esque BOO! JUMP SCARES!

The games were pretty much WANDER DOWN SOME HALLS. THIS ONE'S FULL OF ZOMBIES. NOTHING HERE. OH NOES SOMETHING BROKE IN! I think the only one that was actually remotely scary was a first-time playthrough of RE3, since you never knew when Nemesis would show up. Then you find it was scripted.

Jump scares are nothing compared to SH's or Dead Space 1's atmospheric scares of not knowing if you were hearing something real or not, or Fatal Frame's legit random activity. RE was always the least scary of the survival horror bunch.

Now, don't get me wrong. The RE games up until RE4 all scared me my first times, but I was also in 5th grade when I played them. I didn't play RECVX until much later due to no Dreamcast, and at the time-no PS2, and it definitely wasn't scary. It was just bad graphics.

The word you guys are looking for is suspense. You didnt know if there would be a jump scare. Or, you didn't know that you'd enter the zombie/barren mansion and find Hunters littering the rooms. You were on edge, not because it was scary, but because you simply didn't know what to expect in the next room. RE still has suspense, but now it is "I AM BEING OVERWHELMED WITH ENEMIES AND I CAN'T SEE BEHIND ME", but you know that every room is going to be LOL HEY GANADO/MAJINI/J'AVO and some nonsense.

As for what I miss from the series?

Like Ertrick36 pointed out, the character development has made the RE veterans uninteresting. I like the characters, they're familiar, but they simply cannot be used if they want to make another survival horror. Chris, Leon and Jill especially, have seen way too much of this to ever go back to being a rookie cop and unknowing S.T.A.R.S member thrown into a nightmare. This is something Silent Hill has continued to have right. Ordinary-ass characters that are far from perfect, aren't action heroes (except Alex, but all that did was make the combat actually doable), and you are more likely to just run because of no ammo and no experience. The only way to really experience survival horror anymore in the series is with new characters who haven't spent 15 years with this stuff. Or a midquel starring Sherry during her training period, or one of the characters that were never explored anymore (like Rebecca again).

I really just miss classic B.O.W.s, the atmosphere (both of which Revelations actually has), and having ordinary characters thrown into zombie hell. If you're going to have Ganado-esque enemies, we can't have these gun-toting ones anymore.

Anyway, I love classic and new Resident Evil. RE2, RE4 and RE6 are my favorite games in the series. I also love Darkside Chronicles, I thought ORC was "okay", and I am enjoying what Revelations tried to do (though it's not particularly amazing, it is definitely going in the correct direction to get back to what RE was; But dem Ooze... NOPE).

I kinda hope we can have more games like Revelations, but with new characters who aren't as hardened to this all, but also some RE6-like (but not as all over the place; Think- more like Leon's or Ada's campaigns, less like Chris's or Jake's) games in the future, appeasing everyone.
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