Things you miss most from the series..

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User Info: DragonKnight387

4 years ago#21
Weems2k posted...
Considering that the bad reviews of this game mostly revolves around it not being like Resident Evil anymore, I'd thought I think about some of things that I miss from the old school RE that isn't in any of the newer games anymore. Surprisingly, the more I played this game, the more I started liking it, even with the bad camera controls at times. Maybe because I was forgetting that this was Resident Evil, and started playing it like any other action shooter.

So here are a few things I miss that will hopefully get put back in the next RE.

1. Creepy Atmosphere - The first couple games had that creepy feel about it. Never knowing what was around the corner, or what'll be waiting for you after entering a door. With this being more action shooter, and in daytime, we lose that feeling. Leon's campaign is prolly the closest this comes too, but not by much.

2. Tyrant Bosses - Maybe with all the advancements with the virus's, these guys have become obsolete, but damn, they were fun, and challenging to fight. I'll also throw in the Hunters too. Haven't seen them since Code Veronica.

3. Survival Horror - This kinda goes along with the creepy atmosphere, but what made RE so popular was the fact that you only had a select amount of ammo, and not knowing what was coming next. Being more action, very rarely do you ever run out of ammo. Except maybe on Professional, which is still pretty hard to do.

These are just a few of things I miss. I'm sure there's prolly more.

Hunters were in Revelations. Not quite as scary, but they could zerg you pretty badly, especially in campaign where half the time, the loadouts you have are forced on you. And near the end of Rev's campaign, there's a level where you start off with about 15 rounds for a P-90 and about 20 rounds for a handgun while fighting off hunters.

What I miss is quick turn. Technically, the command is still there, but because the camera in RE6 is free and aiming is so fluid, it's just obsolete in the game.
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User Info: MakalJ

4 years ago#22
I miss Claire.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#23
i really wish theyed bring back a lot of elements from RE3. The gunpowder mixing, the weapon making, the branching story paths and the mercenaries with objectives were all amazing and theyve never ****ing used them again.

and yes, more claire is never a bad thing.

User Info: Weems2k

4 years ago#24
When I first played Silent Hill 1, and 2, I thought this is how Resident Evil should be. A 3D world to explore with suspense, limited ammo, puzzles, creepy story, etc. Minus the fog of course. I'm surprised Capcom never really tried to emulate that. I suppose you can make a case for RE4 -6. But like a lot of ppl say, those are more action shooters than survival horror.
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User Info: Plasmeto

4 years ago#25
I swear to god these topics always unfold the same way. Someone mentions they miss the tension, fear, and overall atmosphere of the originals. Then internet hardass comes in, claims the games were never scary, unless you're a child. Cue argument. I've seen it at least a dozen times lol.

But on topic, I do miss everything mentioned thus far. That feeling of vulnerability is just completely gone from the games at this point. I never feel anything short of a fully capable badass. Because, frankly, that's what most of the characters have become, and the gameplay reflects it.

Sigh, I miss the old days...
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User Info: chretien123

4 years ago#26
I miss the sense of history that came with the games of old. How you really knew the police station in resident evil 2 so that in Nemesis when you revisited it, it had an eerie familiarity to it. I like reading about the experiments you discovered monsters like Alexia, Wesker and Dr. Marcus. Now..everything happens so fast...there isn't time to capture any of that.

I also liked how especially in resident evil 0,1, 2 and 3 that you felt the characters weren't super human. Leon was a police officer and Claire was just a college kid....they didn't do super flips, or punch boulders or go through an obstacle course that is 2 miles long without being winded. It felt like those characters could be it isn't like that at all.

User Info: reddead98

4 years ago#27
Craping my pants, basicaly saying survival horror, I guess the tank controlls made it scary too oh and the camra angles
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User Info: desibo

4 years ago#28
I think Resident Evil needs a reboot and it needs to be more like Silent Hill in my opinion.
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User Info: reddead98

4 years ago#29
desibo posted...
I think Resident Evil needs a reboot and it needs to be more like Silent Hill in my opinion.

That would be a good Idea but it needs to have the feel of resident evil the remake
Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one, dont you dont you think
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