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User Info: Everton4Life17

4 years ago#1
Just got this game yesterday and my buddy wants to get it today so we can play co-op as we played RE5 together and that was a load of fun..

but all i've been hearing about this game is poor reviews

i'm not a huge fan of the RE series, but i've played RE4, 5 and now have 6 and am wondering is this one really as poor as people are saying or is it basically the game or perhaps better in your eyes?
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User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#2

See 32:30 for the debate.
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User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
4 years ago#3
People just love crapping on things. It's become a fad these days to bash certain games. If you enjoyed 4 and 5 you should enjoy this game a lot. Keep in mind that you no longer get to upgrade your weapons. Now you upgrade your character abilities instead.

Also if you and your friend had a blast playing co-op in 5 than trust me. You guys will have a hell of a fun time playing 6 co-op. I've played both games co-op and I enjoy 6 a lot more when it comes to co-op.

User Info: roitact

4 years ago#4
if you likes 4 and 5 especially the co-op of 5, get 6 its pretty much more of the same,

a lot of the reviews are pretty skewed just because it wasnt what people thought it would be, they were STILL looking for a 1-3 resident evil re-skin, which it isnt, they're still trying to class it as a horror survival game, which it isnt, if they focus on what matters it'd score a lot higher

controls are great, they've built on 5, the same way 5 built on 4,
storys not particularly wonderful but its not really a problem as you have 4 seperate campaigns and stories to go through, obviously if it was just one campaign they could have fleshed it out more, but as it stands its pretty good all things considering
the game looks great, its better looking than 5 so again an improvement,
it plays pretty smoothly once you get the hang of the extra controls, you may spend an hour or 2 getting used to them but they become second nature pretty quick
quite a lot of replay value, 4 campaigns, 2 charactors in 3 campaigns (you'll have to play through both players if you want to get all available weapons, unlockables, achievements etc.) 2 extra modes as standard one being mercenaries, other modes available unfortunately it is pay for dlc, but its there if you want it

basically apart from the story (which again is because theres more than one campaign) its improved on 5 the same way it improved on 4, if you and your friend liked 4 and 5 you'll like 6, its basically 5 with the updates youd expect from a game newer in the series
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User Info: Solis_Invictus

4 years ago#5
You know how RE5 is different from RE4? They moved even further in that direction with this game. So I hate it, but if you liked RE5 better than RE4 you may like it... however, I liked RE5's Mercenaries mode the best and think this game's merc mode took a step back. Not as bad as RE4, but not as good as RE5's either. The campaign is hands-down terrible. It is fancy looking but really dull.

User Info: paranoidxe

4 years ago#6
Dont go by the reviews bro. If you liked 5 you'll like 6. If I listened to reviews I would have missed out on some fun games. Gamespot's review is terrible.

User Info: vespa5

4 years ago#7
If you can detach yourself from what Resident Evil was to what Resident Evil is now, then you'll have no problem. It's just amazing that Capcom made the RE franchise evolve away from what got the whole series popular in the first place. In the age of third-person shooters, Capcom decided to hop on the bandwagon and make RE the same. I had a blast and tons of fun. It's a higher than average shooter in my opinion. Is it memorable? Probably not. But it definitely didn't deserve such really poor reviews.

User Info: Dave_Gahan

4 years ago#8
Even if it wasn't a Resident Evil game, it would still be a mediocre game.

User Info: keibatsu

4 years ago#9
This game improved on a lot of things (for example, RE5 had you bend down to pick up ammo/health items while this one doesn't) but there are a TON of glitches/annoying things that really detract from the experience, some things that stand out:

- enemies can pass through each other, so if there's a zombie behind a Whopper you won't see it until it jumps on you

- enemies will you hit before you end your melee moves (ie, before you have control of your character)

- if you put your character on the left side of the screen then counter a zombie using a weapon you'll somehow end up back on the right (maybe this was fixed in a recent update? I gave up switching my character to the left side because it's so discombobulating to magically appear back on the right).

This is probably the worst game I've played in a while just because of the general unpolished feeling of it, I love RE but this was pretty disappointing. It feels like they rushed this out for the sake of rushing it out, I'd much rather have waited until next month and had a game that was play tested but now we're stuck with... this. If they fixed some of the things I mentioned above (along with getting rid of that stupid white flash that comes up on your screen when your co-op partner goes into dying status) I think that would really improve it tenfold. As it stands currently I wouldn't suggest anyone pay more than $30 for it.
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User Info: Thierrymon

4 years ago#10
Been a fan of all of the Resident evil games but this one doesnt compare at all. I hoped they would take everything that was good in Re5 and improve on it, instead they went the other way.

I have replayed Re4 and Re5 a few times but the set pieces in Re6 are so lackluster that there is no way i would ever replay it.

Plus everything is so dark!
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