This game isn't as good as I expected. *spoilers*

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User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#11
From: Cosmic Mayhem | #009
Simmons9576 posted...
My favorite RE movie was Apocalypse. I know I'm the minority there too. It just gave me what I felt an RE movie should be. No stupid Matrix crap or super powers or anime-esque plots and fights. This series has just gotten too wild. Slow it down and return to its roots!

Hhh??? You and I must have watched different movies. Alice was doing crazy matrix stuff in that film. Remember when she backflipped off a motorcycle and drove it into a Licker then exploded it in mid-air??

On topic. I still don't know why people hate on this game so much. I've played all the major RE games and this game was a blast to play co-op. Sure the inventory system was a little weird, but it made more sense. Think about it:

Resident Evil 1: Magical boxes that contain your items and transfer them to other boxes located around the estate??

Resident Evil 5: In between cave levels I can stop off and pick out which items I want from my invisible supply cache that follows me around?

On that same note I understand zombies and crap are running around so you can throw realism out the window...

My only flaws with 6 are:

1. The story wasn't that strong, but Jake is pretty cool.

2. Not enough carrying space. They load you up with all these guns and ammo, but by the end of the game you are basically out of space.. Playing co-op really helped alleviate this problem.

3. Getting all your health back when you die. I HATE THIS.

4. It would've been nice to upgrade weapons again.. but I guess upgrading your abilities is a decent alternative.

This is my favorite Resident Evil game in existence for co-op reasons. If I could only choose based on single player than REmake is my favorite.

How the hell is this a flaw? It's better then starting you off with a little health. Considering that a flaw is stupid IMO.
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User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
4 years ago#12
It's lame that the game rewards you for dying by giving you all your health back. It basically panders to bad players. I assure you at no point in this game was I low on health items and in a bind. My deaths were often cheap quick time events gone wrong or one wrong move with a bad enemy. I beat every campaign and always had tons of health items. I might have used them more if the game didn't heal me for getting killed suddenly in a cutscene. Hell at the very least give me an option to turn it off.

Also I was playing splitscreen co-op and any time my partner died we would both get all our health back. This takes away from the fun factor. I like a challenge in my games.
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  3. This game isn't as good as I expected. *spoilers*

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