best mercenaries character?

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User Info: t7uyheoidf

4 years ago#1
jake works best for me enybody good with any other characters?
maybe because jake is a mercenary LOL. :)

User Info: Hui_Tian

4 years ago#2
i'm responding only to tell you that you should have made this a poll with only 1 answer possible...

User Info: al3xnishchuk

4 years ago#3
I gotta go with leon. Im just good with him and be has good speed only second to jake imo

User Info: sidebeard

4 years ago#4
Sherry EX or Jake EX for me.
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User Info: PoopMasterGoetz

4 years ago#5
Depends on the map and skill used. Most characters play the same. Coups de grace are the same with everyone (okay, males can do them slightly more efficiently with the elbow method), headshot melees are very similar with everyone, and that leaves counter kills with the only notable difference as countering with/without Power Counter has varying success rates with each character and map. With melees being the same, what it really boils down to is weapon loadout. I'd say Carla is the most well-rounded since she gets as many nitros as pirate Leon, more acid rounds than Helena (great for mutated J'avo), and explosive rounds to handle bosses or combo saves.
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User Info: hylianslayer

4 years ago#6
i usually use sherry default. but ii mostly play urban chaos so i dont know how effective she is against javo
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User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#7
Sherry EX or Leon EX for me. It really depends on the map, though. For example, Chris EX is a beast on Requiem since he can use his rocket launcher to instantly kill an Ogroman.

User Info: Nagasada_Mori

4 years ago#8
I can't play as anyone but default Jake with his melee.

User Info: ILuvKnives

4 years ago#9
In the stages with zombies (Urban Chaos, The Catacombs, Rooftop Mission), Leon EX is awesome because the bayonet on his Assault Rifle RN can instantly kill a regular zombie after a stun.

In the stages with J'avo (Steel Beast, Requiem, Rail Yard, High Seas), the characters with a shotgun or a sniper rifle work well because they can instantly kill those flying J'avos with a quick shot. The shotgun/sniper quick shot also works wonders against the "grasshopper" J'avos when they start jumping all over the place.

In the J'avo stages, I like to use the regular Chris and equip the [Power Counter] skill. When you switch to Chris' combat knife mode, he'll stab a J'avo in the chest if he counters their knife stab correctly. With [Power Counter], Chris will backfist a J'avo to death after stabbing them. He also has a Magnum which is great against Napads (big armored brutes) and those walking "crab claw" J'avos.

User Info: ILuvKnives

4 years ago#10
hylianslayer posted...
i usually use sherry default. but ii mostly play urban chaos so i dont know how effective she is against javo

I actually find her fairly decent when pitted against J'avo. I usually just keep her Triple Shot gun in single-shot mode since one bullet's powerful enough to stun a J'avo, whether it's a regular fire or a quick shot. However, I'll switch to three-round burst when shooting the flying J'avo and those creampuff-looking potato worms (LOL! XD). With Sherry's Stun Rod, it also seems easier to stun a J'avo than a zombie since the latter's more likely to grab you (especially when it's on the ground). Against the "crab claw" enemies, "grasshopper" J'avos, and the J'avos with the shield, I like to jump kick them then hit them with the Stun Rod while they're on the ground. This tactic allows me to save ammo. :-D
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