Why do people hate this game so much?

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User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#11
I LOVE this game and still do play it
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User Info: Shadow Don

Shadow Don
4 years ago#12
I would have really enjoyed the game if I was fighting more zombies instead of the j'avos. I can understand having some different enemies, but the majority of them should not be wielding guns since it completely transforms the game into a different genre. Dead space 3 has you fighting human enemies with guns, but its much more infrequent so it wasn't as bad. That and the amount of terrible qtes, set pieces and gimmicky levels (stealth and driving missions).

They essentially had everything to make the game great, they just didn't piece it together very well imo.
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User Info: FireMadePrime

4 years ago#14
I hate cause of no Jill and Claire.
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User Info: brunbbmerc

4 years ago#15
because its bad
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User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#16
Most of the haters here have been around since before the game launched complaining. They're either lonely or can't afford another game.

User Info: Weems2k

4 years ago#17
One word. Rasklapanje

One of the worst, and annoying enemies in the game. It's bad enough when either their hands, or whole creature grabs you. But to not even get rid of it entirely? Then to add to the insult during Ada's campaign, you have to deal with J'avo with it?

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make an enemy as horrid as Rasklapanje. Hey I'm all for challenging foes, but these are ridiculous. And speaking of the creature names. What's up with all names being Russian that you can't even pronounce it right?
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User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#18
Weems2k posted...
And speaking of the creature names. What's up with all names being Russian that you can't even pronounce it right?

They're Serbian. And perhaps to them, English words can't be pronounced "right."

User Info: Meagamaster

4 years ago#19
I found the overall story to be weak. Too many big moments were just thrown away, and the way they incorporated Chris into the story was just bad. I mean by the end of RE 5 Chris' major conflict was pretty much resolved, so they had to come up with some absolutely ridiculous reason to care about what it is that he was doing, and all it did was make him incredibly unlikeable.

IMHO Chris' story would have worked better if Piers (Or whatever) was the main character and Chris was put in a supporting role. Make him a Wise and experienced leader that we know he is, instead of this weak shell of a character that we got for this game.

I did however respect what they tried to do with sherry and Jake, by making them some form of redemption for their father's actions. Although Jake was stale character wise to be honest.

Leon was much better story wise and the atmosphere was fantastic the only problem was the gameplay itself. It is clear that they wanted to bring back some of the old horror experience that the original games ( or at least 4) had, but the gameplay was clearly built around something more fast pace instead of survival.

There was no variation in gameplay ( which is understandable but bugs me on this game) or style from story to story and at the end it felt like an incredibly unsatisfying experience for what capcom wanted to deliver with this game.

this game had its moments but they where few and far between.
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User Info: ResidentialEvil

4 years ago#20
My guess is the majority probably don't so much think it's a terrible game so much as they think it's a bad RE game and also they are more harsh because they expect more. I know I did.

My "official" view of the game is it had a lot of good ideas and the gameplay is fun, but the story is a mess and it feels just crazy disjointed. I actually like it more than RE5.
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