What exactly is wrong with the gameplay?

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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#21
I will agree Mercs does the game justice. But I'm a Mercs player and this game still kinda sucks. Mercenaries is too frustrating. A huge artificial difficuty spike towards 100 combo is not my idea of challenge. Plus the scoring system is silly.

And Mercenaries revolves around CDG and counters pretty much. There is not as much strategy and thinking required. I feel RE5 and Mercenaries3DS are much better iteration of Mercenaries.
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User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#22
The Topic= absolutely nothing and RE6 rules.
I can understand how part time casual gamers might not likes it though.
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User Info: Dave_Gahan

4 years ago#23
teehee23 posted...
The Topic= absolutely nothing and RE6 rules.
I can understand how part time casual gamers might not likes it though.

Look at the damage control. Look at it. How shook are you right now, bro?

User Info: shnoob2

4 years ago#24
younglinlrules posted...
I found a lot of the "bad" reviews seemed irrational; like their hatred of the shift in tone caused a reluctance to properly learn the controls, and a complete focus on the games negatives. Or I felt they were using the game as some kind of whipping boy to make a point about the decline of survival horror.

This perfectly gives a picture of the unfairness shown to this game.
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User Info: kayoticdreamz

4 years ago#25
while i havent played the whole game ive only gotten to chapter 5 of leon and havent played mercs or any of the other storys....just got it at best buy 19.99

the entire leon story so far is 10x better than anything RE5 crapped out.

objectively i would say this game will easily be at least a 7/10 overall. sure the other story modes may suck terribly and i wouldn't be shocked. but unless they have some game breaking bugs in them i can't see this game being any lower than a 7/10. which for me is a game that is not great but it plays and is not broken.

sure this is no RE4 that i played no less than 1000 times. but this game probably has better mileage than RE5 which i played once.

my only real complaint is the spin the joystick mini games because i fear for my controllers.

this game is worth 20 dollars. its probably even worth 40....i think the real fault is this game launched for 60 dollars during the holiday season which saw halo 4, a new COD, assassins creed 3, and of course the Wii U. compared to all that this game is complete crap. and thats probably what this game got measured against that and RE4 which i think we need to accept RE4 was a one hit wonder which i confess i bought completely on a whim.

User Info: Jwahaha

4 years ago#26
No, the game still sucks. Try replaying it again without itching to blow your brains out.

Only saving grace is Mercenaries, even that's pushing it.
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User Info: keibatsu

4 years ago#29
I think the issue is that this game is naturally going to be compared to the other games in the RE series, and those games have generally been pretty good (even if you dislike the new direction 4 went you have to admit it's obvious a lot of thought, care and testing went into it). 6 has a lot of problems that I personally feel could have been avoided if they'd been more careful/hadn't rushed for an early release date:

There seem to be a bunch of glitches, as some of the above posters have mentioned: I play left handed and keep returning to the left side of my screen when I counter a zombie with a weapon and with the updates I now get lime green/magenta zombies in Catacombs/Mining the Depths. I recently found out I could make my character stay on the right side of the screen if I changed some setting that didn't appear to have anything to do with what side of the screen your character stays on but seriously, if I put my character on the right side of the screen I probably don't want it moved back to the left after a counter attack.

General annoying issues that game testers should have caught but somehow missed: zombies that will leap through other zombies (usually seems to happen with Whoppers but not always) to attack you while you are being grappled; cut scenes that interrupt and wrench control away from you seemingly every few minutes in Leon's campaign - think of the bumpy flight you take on your way to China and tell me half of those times where you lose control couldn't have been removed and things would have been fine), that AWFUL white flash that pops up on your screen for 5 seconds when your partner goes into dying - not only are you prone to getting attacked (since enemies can still attack you while you can't see), but if you try to move towards your partner while the flash is up your camera goes insane and follows... something that isn't you (I have no idea what - maybe the dying partner). True story: my mercenaries partner went into dying RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, so I thought "oh, I should be able to press forward on the control stick and walk up to him, this'll be easy!" So I pressed up on my control stick and guess where I was when the flash subsided? Somehow my character had jumped over a fence that was behind me to put me farther away from my partner. I don't even know how it happened, but it somehow did.

So all of the above coupled with the fact that I was a fool and paid $60 for it at launch (which I suppose you could say is my own fault for just assuming an RE game would be worth full price) makes me REALLY sore about this game and prone to be pretty hard on it. Basically, I feel like Capcom should have known better than to try and pass off something that's half-finished as fully fledged, and it's insulting that not only did I pay full price for it, but they think it's just because I haven't played it enough (IIRC that was in some interview when the game was still new) AND they want more money for things like new Merc levels and Versus modes. I hate that I agree with GameSpot on this game, I never agree with GameSpot and I didn't even bother to read their review until after I'd played through all four campaigns but they're pretty spot on with this - this game plays very much like an action movie that resents you trying to take control.

However, I will say if you can get this game for $30 or less you're likely to be far less upset than me, and I'd even go so far as to say it's probably worth it if you can find it for $20. I honestly think I'd resent this game a lot less if I hadn't paid $60 for it, and if Capcom addresses some of the above issues I'd love to rescind everything nasty I've said about this game because I love RE as a series. This game, standalone, is just the most disappointing game I've played in this series and quite frankly, in a long while.
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User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#30
From: Jwahaha | #026
No, the game still sucks. Try replaying it again without itching to blow your brains out.

Only saving grace is Mercenaries, even that's pushing it.

To you. The game is just fine and people just exaggerate. Sure,there are problems but every game has them and RE 6 is no exception. It's still a good game regardless of what you supposedly fans say.
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