New to RE6, a couple question

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User Info: maestro17wp

4 years ago#1
Ok, I started out really disliking this game. Many of the mechanics are not properly explained, implementation of core mechanics are plain sloppy (hit detection on enemies, bad targeting, etc), wonky camera work in and coming out of cinematics... That list can go on for days. BUT - I've stuck with it, because I love RE's 4 and 5 so much. I started the campaigns in order of appearance and just finished Leon's. after about the first third, I got the swing of said poorly explained mechanics and really started to enjoy the experience. I'm going to keep playing.

Having said all that, I need a little clarification.

First, I loved 5 so much mostly because of the replayability. Upgrading weapons, unlocking outfits, collecting medals and such. To what extent is any of that present in RE6? Talking campaign here, Mercs isn't really my thing.

Second, is there any DLCs for equipment and costumes outside of mercs? What keeps people playing the campaign?

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User Info: hylianslayer

4 years ago#2
there are medals to find. all the costumes are only for mercs unfortunately, but there are other modes to download. nothing really to unlock in campaign except the weapons and you cant upgrade them.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#3
this has the least singleplayer replay value of any RE in the series. the only unlockable is skills which dont amount to much. you can also find the medals that tell more of the story. outside of that you can replay the campaigns with a different character which does open up a lot of smaller moments that you dont get to see with the other character.
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