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User Info: zaiwen

4 years ago#1
worth getting or not? - Results (25 votes)
a RE fan? It's a definite buy!!
20% (5 votes)
pls stay away from this game!!
16% (4 votes)
forget the critics, it's worth a playthrough
48% (12 votes)
my $ is better off on another game
16% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
i'm still on the fence if i should shell out the greens for a copy of re6. So i decided i should base my decision on fellow gamers here if i should buy or not. I need atleast 20 votes for a definitive outcome... so what's the final verdict fellas?
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User Info: JRS511

4 years ago#2
It's 20 bucks this week at Best Buy. Yes it's worth it.
"Nothing can heal you when everything burns"

User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

4 years ago#3
Judging from your first poll choice, can I assume you do are a RE fan?

In that case you need to take into account that this game is more action-oriented than previous RE games, following the trend of RE4, RE5 and RE:ORC. The horror element of older RE games is notably absent.

If you were looking for something more similar to an old-school RE game, I would recommend that you buy Resident Evil Revelations. It was praised by the critics as the closest we have seen to the older horror-oriented RE games in years. It came out last year for 3DS, and an improved version will come out in May for PC, PS3, WiiU and 360.

That said, I suppose that regardless of your preference, $20.00 for a new game that was released just 4 months ago is quite a good offer as JRS511 said. Normally it costs $30.00 though:;jsessionid=734A1F395ABCE1E1F376077C8B79E3AE.bbolsp-app05-50?id=1218533291402&skuId=4815462&st=resident%20evil%206&lp=2&cp=1

A new copy of 1 year old Resident Evil: Revelations also costs $30.00:

The new version for 360 already appear in the store as well:

Finally, if you are into action-oriented RE games, you should also check:

User Info: Jiryn

4 years ago#4
JRS511 posted...
It's 20 bucks this week at Best Buy. Yes it's worth it.

The patience it takes to play FFXI and EQ is the patience it takes to kill yourself by bashing your head into a wall.

User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#5
If you're a RE fan, sure. Especially as the price has dropped. I love the game, got it on day one and am still playing it.
More and more, I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for...for a future without fear...yeah, it's worth it. (Chris Redfield)
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