Is RE6 worth $19.99

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User Info: LunarKnights

4 years ago#11
bought it for 9 dollars brand new thanks to the 10 dollar amazon credits I had.
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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#12
Yes. It's worth the $59.99 original MSRP. It's a fun game, and yes I have played and beaten, not to mention own, every RE title.
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User Info: Hui_Tian

4 years ago#13
meh.. 20 bucks is pretty much worth it to try out most any game for a little (well provided you're not dirt poor and can afford it)... but yeah, the game is quite different then the other games and how you feel about it might be a different from anyone else... the key is this though

DO YOU HAVE A FRIEND YOU INTEND TO PLAY WITH? ... this instantly makes the game worth getting, because of the co-op modes in campaign and mercenaries. Solo is still fun, but the co-op in my opinion makes the game much better

User Info: Meagamaster

4 years ago#14
It has its fair share of problems both story and gameplay wise. If you want the most enjoyment out of it then play it with a friend.
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User Info: Stray_Zero

4 years ago#15
Yes it is, gonna be $20 starting on 2/20 at GS on sale. :3
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  3. Is RE6 worth $19.99

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