why is this game unplayable...

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User Info: blazinapple

4 years ago#11
musikx00xguru posted...
i can't believe people think this game is "unplayable". One of the best recent games IMO. And the extra content modes are great, specially mercenaries and predator.

lmfao... the only things that might give some enjoyment is mercs & the new combat system. other than that, i felt like i was in a michael bay movie with all the explosions, not to mention forced camera scenes where u cant move while enemies draw in closer.

but thats just the tip of the iceberg.

- no unlockables after beating campaign except for merc & hunt... big whoop, should be playable off the bat. unless it changed with updates.
- no upgrades on guns.
- bosses dragged on
- no puzzles except for ada's sad 2 or 3
- half the skills are pointless
- no more treasure
- too many qtes for my liking
- only horror element came from leons campaign
- the magic ability to carry 6 guns plus nades & ammo
- no bloody notes/memos
- terrible vehicle chapters... exception is jake. it was good. could of been better if it was longer with more enemies chasing them thru various parts of the city

so thats why i think this game is close to unplayable. $20 buy maybeeeeee
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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

4 years ago#12
I agree it's unplayable. The camera is horrible, the graphics are dull and while the story is ok as Resi games go, along with the voice acting that's about the best thing about this game. It's artificially bloated with very little content that's enjoyable. Compared to Resi 5 it's a disaster imo.
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User Info: LunarKnights

4 years ago#13
Hmm as a classic RE fan. I actually enjoyed the hell out of this game. And I think it beats RE5 by far.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#14
RE6 is the most playable of all the RE personally.
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User Info: Ryozenzuzex

4 years ago#15
RE6 does a lot of things differently than other games, but I don't think it does them poorly. The scope of the global viral catastrophe is pretty awesome at times, and the characters are all interesting (I do like Jake, even if he is a TryHard, and he is evened out by Sherry's return to the series). The atmosphere of the game is great. I think Leon's chapter trumps the others, but all of them are of high-production value.

I think the real surprise is the controls. They seem rough at first, but there is more of a learning curve in this game than in other RE games--almost in the style of a DMC game. When you start mixing quick-shots, melee, evades and attacks from on your back, the action gets pretty exciting. I feel like I really improve as I play. That is a different kind of depth than RE has ever offered before.

I think RE6 is a great evolution of the series. I'm also pretty sure that Capcom won't be allowed to make another game like it, so I'll hang onto my copy and be glad that it is such a grand finale--one that really doesn't hold back.
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User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
4 years ago#16
Well said. Once you take full advantage of the controls the gameplay is extremely fun.
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User Info: JRS511

4 years ago#17
Cosmic Mayhem posted...

Once you take full advantage of the controls the gameplay is extremely fun.

Exactly. Months after playing this game I still find little details with the controls that I never realized before. They do not tell you everything you need to know in the game and leave a lot for the player to find out on their own. I like that a lot actually.

Some things I did not know for a while:

Taunting refills combat guage (Mercenaries)
LB turns character faster (Mercenaries)
Holding A and Backwards causes player to walk backwards slowly
Can stab with the knife by pressing down and RT at the same time
Pressing RB and X simultaneously mixes herbs automatically (Not Recommended)
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