Survivors - weapon spawn points?

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User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

4 years ago#1
(c&p from PS3 board)

It looks like a lot of people know them already, and if you're fairly new to the mode then that puts you at a disadvantage early in the round because you never get a chance to see where they got it, and then you get wiped out.

Does anyone know all off the spawn points for weapons in each stage? What kind they are? How many?
Is it just one Rocket Launcher, one Grenade Launcher and one Elephant Killer each round, or are their more? Less? Any multiples of each?
Do the weapons themselves or the amounts change depending on the stage?
Lastly...are you able to hold more than one weapon that you pick up? I swore one time I picked up two but the first one I got just disappeared from my inventory.

Here's all I got so far...

*****URBAN CHAOS*****
-Grenade Launcher locations:
---in the back of the small restaurant (the one that's narrow like a hallway). It's lying on a table.
---on the central catwalk at the top of any of the staircases. It's lying on a crate close to one of the stairs.
---go outside of the medium-sized restaurant (in Mercenaries you find a remote bomb and a flash grenade on the shelves). Across from the bottom of the staircase outside you'll see a green-colored table. It's lying on top of it.

-Rocket Launcher locations:
---inside of the street car (the one that you occasionally spawn on top of, near the medium-sized restaurant that I mentioned earlier). It's lying on the seat.
---inside the arcade, over in the top-right corner as you walk in. It's leaning up against the wall by the claw-crane game.

-Elephant Killer locations:
---I have no friggin' idea!

Please contribute.
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User Info: X_The_Sorrow_X

4 years ago#2
Urban Chaos -

The credit fully goes to ZaneMidnight and iMystearica.
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4 years ago#3
holy crap that video is from december, really helpful

i have been playing since launch and i didnt know about it lol, this board is so dead when it comes to people actually talking about strategy/tips in multiplayer
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