What exactly makes this game so bad?

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User Info: El_Desconocido

4 years ago#1
I honestly want to know what makes this game the failure that everyone claims it to be.
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User Info: Lerdothought

4 years ago#2
started playing yesterday...it's much better than i expected, at least leon campaign
yes, its inferior to RE 4 and possibly to RE5 but i'm enjoying the game so far, gamespot review giving this 4,5 is plain right dishonest and unprofessional.

User Info: Jamirus2

4 years ago#3
I don't think it's that bad. It's got some fun action, and Leon's campaign is really good. I also enjoyed being able to finally play as Sherry.

As a Resident Evil game, it's pretty silly. The Merc are fun, and I'm glad I spent 30$ on it.
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User Info: FireMadePrime

4 years ago#4
Leon campaign sucks.

For me the game should be like RE5.

The only good campaign to me is Chris and maybe Jake.

Lack of Jill and Claire is also a issue.
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User Info: edmullins73

4 years ago#5
I like the game, but the most annoying thing for me, is the in-game cut scenes that happen when you're trying to move/reload/pick up an item/aim/etc..
At times, it feels like you move 5 feet, cut scene, move 5 more feet, cut scene.

Another annoying thing is in most of the chase scenes. The camera whips around leaving you disoriented. While this may be more cinematic, it's really just frustrating.

It also sucks that you can't trade items with your other character. The new skill settings also leave a lot to be desired. I think it was better when you just upgraded your weapons like in RE4 & RE5.

It seems they tried to add so many new things that some of the gameplay just gets out of hand.
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User Info: 2sips1rip

4 years ago#6
i love it but it does have its flaws like all other games people down it because it tried something different than the RE their used to
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User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

4 years ago#7
It tries to be a jack of all trades game, but it is sub par in all of them. As a shooter, as an action, as a survival horror, as a puzzle, and even as a driving game. It is below average in everything it attempts to do. The multiple characters was a nice touch but the story fails to execute on what could have been something special. Repeatedly seeing the same cutscenes and having to replay the same sections is just annoying. It also unnecessarily over uses QTE's which isn't fun.....I just started the game and have no idea why I keep playing it, I'm not having any fun at all.

User Info: DaltonM

4 years ago#8
My connection.

User Info: Leon_SandcastIe

4 years ago#9

User Info: TheConstable

4 years ago#10
as a loyal RE fan for years heres what more (im assuming most) re fans would say makes this game inferior.

First RE is SURVIVAL horror, not action horror, They changed the whole dynamic of the series from a game about getting out and surviving to a game about killing everything
Pervious RE games made you feel weak and and have to fight to survive and only fight when you have to survive, this game encourages action over self preservation

The feel of the series is gone, all they are doing now is re-using known characters and plot devices in an entirely new game that on its own is a decent game, but when the attachment to the other characters and plot lines are brought in it seems to de-value RE6 because of expectations to something that has changed
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