Secret Attacks, Moves and Abilities

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User Info: Malinthebeast

4 years ago#1
These are what I know of:

Dual wielding Wing Shooter allows you do two quick shots in a row
You can plant a Remote Charge as you're sliding along the floor
Using the Combat Knife with Chris, a quick shot does two quick slashes

Any others?

User Info: Viral56

4 years ago#2
Using the Knife as Chris, you can do a dual-slash by dodging backwards, same for Sherry and her Stun Rod.

Turning your back to an enemy and trying to melee as a male character does an elbow strike which for most enemies, sets up an easy Coup De Grace
GT: MobiusC
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User Info: JRS511

4 years ago#3
Pressing down and RT at the same time does stab with the knife.

Taunting refills combat meter

Holding LB while sprinting turns character faster. (only modes where taunting is available)

Pressing B with first aid spray instantly revives fallen partner.

Holding A and down allows you to walk backwards slowly.

Pressing down while sliding turns you 180 degrees.
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User Info: Sakimori385

4 years ago#4
Charging for Jake's running melee attack refills his combat meter
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User Info: DaltonM

4 years ago#5
Laying on your back restores combat meter faster.

User Info: PoopMasterGoetz

4 years ago#6
It's amazing how many little tricks this game has. Here are some interesting moves I've learned, some of which have already been mentioned:

-When you sprint into a wall, your character does a flinching animation. If you keeping holding A during this animation and hold left or right, your character will pivot and sprint in that direction.
-When sprinting, you can hold the taunt button to turn very quickly. My mind was blown when I learned this. It's so simple and sooo useful. Sadly, this does not work in the story since you can't taunt.
-Lying on your back or taking cover replenishes your stamina quickly.
-In addition to walking up to a wall and taking cover, you can roll or slide into a cover position. When you're crouching in cover, you can hold down to back away from cover and lie on your back.
-When taking cover behind a tall object, you can press A to crouch and again to stand up. (You can teabag this way much faster than the normal way, lol.)
-When you roll or slide forward, while still holding LT, you can press down to kick yourself forward and turn around after the roll or slide.
-You can slide into boxes or timers to break them. When sprinting towards a ledge, you can slide to the it to do a normal drop instead of the sprinting leap.
-Assuming you have the setting active where you aim in the direction of the camera rather than your character (which you probably do, since it's superior and the default), you can aim to reorient your character. For example, if you slide into a zombie so they twirl around and then run around to the other side to do a coup de grace, you can aim at them to make your character face them to ensure that the melee prompt pops up when you want it to. Otherwise turning around can feel rather sloppy and you can accidentally make your character run in a circle instead of simply turning.
-You are invincible when hopping over ledges, fences, cars, etc. You can exploit the hopping animation's invincibility to avoid attacks.
-If you hold RB+X, your character will automatically combine all your herbs and put them in your pill box.
-If you have a first aid spray equipped while in dying, you can use it right away to get up.
-When you revive a dying partner with tablets, you regain half the health you gave to them. For example, giving them four pills heals two of your own health squares. Giving them three heals one and a half of yours, which will eventually regenerate to two. If you have Pharmacist equipped, it doubles their healing as well as yours. If someone with Pharmacist revives you, you'll heal double even if you don't have it equipped.
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User Info: Evangelized

4 years ago#7
Taunting while with a decent combo in Onslaught mode will send over any creatures in your queue, but raises your offense by 50%.
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User Info: Viral56

4 years ago#8
When sprinting off a ledge, your character will roll upon landing, if you turn the camera in any direction and hold LT while falling, you will slide in whatever direction the camera is facing
GT: MobiusC
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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#9
When you're in Dying Mode, you can't change your equipment and you'll continue crawling until your partner revives you.

But if you just happen to be equipped with a First Aid Spray as you are entering Dying Mode, you can just press RB to quickly heal yourself out of Dying Mode.
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User Info: Viral56

4 years ago#10
You can slide into cover, and also open door while in cover.

Cover also replenishes your combat meter quicker.

You can fire while sliding without having to wait for your character to stop the sliding animation.
GT: MobiusC
-Possibly one of the most patient dudes on earth...
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