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Why Didn't People Like This Game?

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User Info: KazamaKojinrai

4 years ago#1
I loved the game; 20 hour long campaign plus plenty of replayability is pretty rare these days when 6-hour long campaigns have become the new industry standard these days. I co-oped through the entire game with my brother.

So I'm confused with all the negativity; what did the game do wrong? Sure the campaign's "wander around and find the 5 missing keys!" segments were really bad and should've been dropped from the campaign altogether (especially the one in Sherry and Jake's campaign). And sure Agent Hunt was a terrible idea and most of those other "extra" DLC-only modes that came out are horrible and should've been cut entirely. (Capcom should've spent those development resources making a more worthwhile multiplayer mode.)

And if I were Capcom I would've done a Jill + Claire + Wesker DLC to use them in Mercenaries mode, which would've sold oodles.

The only other complaint I heard was something vague about how there was too much action and too little survival-element to it and it should've been more like RE: Code Veronica or earlier games? Um... no. Absolutely not. Have you played Code Veronica in the last 10 years? Terrible controls, terrible game. What, RE6 would've been better if you wandered around the same mansion the entire game discovering oddly-shaped keys to unlock previously locked color-coded doors, while storing all your weapons in teleportation-linked magic boxes?

No, Capcom was right to take this game in an action-direction and drop the cheesy survival-nonsense.
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User Info: F150II

4 years ago#2
Abandoning old philosophies, too many QTE's, and the fact that it doesn't have a successor yet. When RE6 came out, tons of people came out of the woodwork, saying RE5 was a good game, though it was initially considered a travesty. When RE7 comes out, they'll start saying RE6 was great.
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User Info: sadiq2010

4 years ago#3
because it is not resident evil.

User Info: BlueJester007

4 years ago#4
F150II posted...
Abandoning old philosophies, too many QTE's, and the fact that it doesn't have a successor yet. When RE6 came out, tons of people came out of the woodwork, saying RE5 was a good game, though it was initially considered a travesty. When RE7 comes out, they'll start saying RE6 was great.

I was not a big fan of RE5. But in comparison to RE6, I'll take RE5 any day of the week. That doesn't mean RE5 is a good game. Just a slightly better one.
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User Info: burnoutguy314

4 years ago#5
Call me crazy; but it might be because people have different opinions and taste? Isn't that a given to anyone above the age of 13?

User Info: GiveMeSomeVodka

4 years ago#6
people like to jump on bandwagons. some gamers who haven't even played resident evil 6 say they hate it. how can you hate something without even trying it out? it is mostly because it "let go" of its roots and is not survival horror anymore, but it is still fun to play regardless of its genre. way better than the new tomb raider that just released, anyway.

you thought re6's multi-player content was crap? wait 'til you try out tr's. just saying.

i think it was a great game with tons of replay-able content, and didn't deserve half the backlash it received from idiot reviewers.

User Info: HopesPeak

4 years ago#7
F150II posted...
When RE6 came out, tons of people came out of the woodwork, saying RE5 was a good game, though it was initially considered a travesty. When RE7 comes out, they'll start saying RE6 was great.

LOL, quoted for truth because that's exactly what's going to happen.
I personally can't understand how anyone could like RE5 over RE6.
RE5's gunplay was so easy to break. RE6's would've been similarly easy but the ruleset in Mercenaries mode is specifically tailored to force you to rely on melee for the time bonus and to run away from the bosses until the final 30 seconds of the match just for the extra score bonus.

I think the main problem with RE is that it appeals to both the escapist type of gamers who play games for a certain feeling and those who just want a fun game. What cracks me up is that RE's survival horror nature was never as good as the Siren series or even the Metro games. Metro Last Light in particular looks much more horror than any RE game that ever existed.
On the flip side, RE's gunplay is much better than most shooters. It just doesn't get the recognition that it deserves because RE's gunplay actually requires skill. It's sure one of the only shooters I've came across where it's common to run out of ammo.
If Chris's campaign were truly similar to COD, he'd never be low on ammo at all.

User Info: crackrocksteady

4 years ago#8

RE games have always had an infinite ammo feature and it usually doesn't require reloading. Yeah, you usually have to earn this feature, but I think most players use it when it is unlocked
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

4 years ago#9
I finished Chris' route and just started Jake's...

As someone who probably cleared RE5's campaign more than 20 times, I'm not enjoying the game at all and am already about to drop RE6.

-controls are way worse than RE4's and RE5's
-collectble, upgrade and inventory system worse (not shared between characters, no equip screen, no weapon/choice upgrading)
-really terrible cover system
-Chris and Ada seem to be way out-of-character so far (and Chris became a complete idiot)

From: Topdrunkee | Posted: 3/17/2013 5:53:05 PM | #007
If Chris's campaign were truly similar to COD, he'd never be low on ammo at all.

Actually, that's what happened to me. I always had my bags full of ammo.
I only ran out of ammo during the final boss, and that's only because I didn't notice that headshots do not deal any damage at all. After I understood the boss' weak point, I destroyed it, again, without even coming close to running out of ammo.
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User Info: Servare

4 years ago#10
Here is why I did not like the game. *spoilers*

1. the boss fights were horrendous. They were a joke. Most of the Ustanak scenes were not all that much fun. (I enjoyed some) Simmons was an embarrassment. For the most part, they were scripted bullet sponges that didn't take a lick of thought to take out.

2. The script. Oh gawd, the script is a nightmare. And I'm not just talking about the spoken words, but the unfolding of events. A bus flipping for running over one dude? Seriously? Leon running to help two guys who are in process of being eaten? Since when has Leon been this stupid. Chris' amnesia was a lame idea. Jake not giving a single rip about his father...but then all the sudden being mad at Chris? Chris has EVERY REASON to shoot Wesker in the face with an RPG, the dude was terrorist. Sorry kid, your father sucked. I enjoyed Sherri(sp?) and Piers, though Piers only existed to have a character to kill off. The entire "Ustanak always being there" is fine...if it is handled appropriately....but it wasn't. Guy goes down with a chopper MILES away from Jake's crash landing...and Ustanak is just chill'n in an ice cave unable to see for WHAT reason? .... and HOW did he get there? Also... a tank inside this dude's house? and you trick it into spinning a statue? Wow Capcom... Elena wasn't too bad though I don't really understand how she really fits into all this. (I know her story...but to make her into a main character? I don't know...) Everyone dying that meets Leon, Lepoti(t)sa falling of the a plane... well... too bad for everyone near that guy's landing. Guess they are all screwed, even if he dies upon impact. He alone would start a new outbreak. The ENTIRE scene of Jake (or was it Chris...) jumping from rotating platforms was unbelievely stupid. Who designed that place? Someone drew out the bluprints and thought, "Oh! This is a great idea! It'll be super easy to get around.) I'm going to run out of space if I keep this up, but you get the idea. (disclaimer: It is not ALL bad nor is it the worst ever, but you asked so... there you go...)

3. The pacing wasn't very good, imo. Chris' campain of jumping back and forth wasn't handled too well, though it wasn't awful. Leon's catacomb trip was...odd... That entire scene of him jumping the pillars and fighting the water monster was... weak. Not suspenseful...just...kinda lame. Boss fight segments that are scripted where, were it more realistic, the boss would pretty much wipe you out. Leon's railcart scene comes to mind. Like... why are there guys just chill'n out there? What a boring life (till Leon and company come around the corner and shoot your face off) Most of the China part of the game wasn't too bad, imo, but Chris' harrier scene was atrocious. In fact, the whole J'avo as a bad guy decision was pretty bad. They just simply were not fun.

4. Too many QTE events where for climbing. Chris can punch boulders...but he can't climb across a rope at normal speed. Piers snipe'n fools was fun though. I'm not totally against QTEs. In fact, the ones where I have to mimic what ever action if being performed I kinda like. (turning a handle, pressing the gas pedal, a few others). But, by n large, too many.

5. naked plant-egg girls. lol wut? (this is sort of a joke) The inventory change up was horrible. The pills thing was nice. (though silly, but hey, getting health in all video games no a days is silly)

I could state a few more things...but instead, I'll now mention things I like.

1. I like the graphics. I'm not a graphics whore so decent graphics are nice. I thought the character models were really well done.

2. I enjoy the co-op. Mercs is fun, as always. Kinda hard to mess that up. I have not played the other modes for I have decided to waste no more money on this game, so I cannot comment on them.

3. The voice acting was acceptable. Mostly.

I'll stop there. Overall, total waste of money.
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