About the inpossibility to complete this game...

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User Info: stefan251

4 years ago#1
Well, first, i know there are people who don't like to read (much). I say it now it's gonna be a longer post since I have a lot to say. So you're hereby warned. Thanks.

I like this game. Much more than I liked the fifth one. And I like to complete the games I have. Call it a personal perfectionistic achievement i want to enjoy. Other people are fine with playing the game for intro to credits. It's complete for them at this moment. Good for them. But not me. I want everything unlocked, every statistic filled, every level beaten in the best way, etc...

And after playing RE6 for about 200 hours now, I begin to think this game isn't supposed to be completed. I really don't think that the developers wanted to be mean sayin "Har har, we're making it so time consuming/difficult, that no ones gonna play it through". No I start to believe they didn't even think that there will be players like me out there who are seriously trying to get everything in that game. I get this feeling often lately when it comes to new games but RE6 really takes the cake for this one. Why?

1) The medals. At least in my own gaming history RE6 is one of the rare examples where the achievements are easier to get than the In-Game stuff. The medals as kinda achievements wouldn't be that much of a problem IF you weren't supposed to get estimated two third of em just via playing MP modes... Really... Why? I know I am one of the few gamers nowadays who doesn't jerk off to online MP modes that are just there for virtual dick comparison... You can get most of them when you find some (or more) people and work towards it. Then there are ones, nobody I know already has. Thus nobody has an idea how to get em. But I think to best ones are in Agent Hunt, since they depend more on luck than an effort. I'm missing two. So I tried to get em with a friend. Or so we thought. Game doesn't want us to play Agent Hunt together. Why? Nobody knows. At least I know now why you sometimes don't find ANY level to join in AH: because the game is like "Meh. No. I don't like you to play with this one and that one." So it is mostly luck to get into a specific level and pure luck to get a specific creature maybe to get it to transform into a specific form and then do a specific task when the player charakters are stronger, faster and more nimble. And have weapons that kill you in one shot.

2) Dog Tags. As I said: Completionist. So I want these damn dog tags on 4 star ratings. Every single one. And I think that is not possible without doing nothing else for, well more than the six months I'm already playin this game. I mean who comes up with some of these. The SP ones are bad enough, being repetitiv and time consuming as hell when you want to let’s say kill Haos 100 times. And that isn’t the worst in my eyes. Who has the time for this? But the really ugly ones are again those where you are dependent on other human players. Find three other nutcases like yourself who want to play a 4-player-story intersection 30 times… And get it to work if the games isn’t like “Meh” again… Or just another example: There is a dog tag in Onslaught mode for winning via time out. That essentially comes down to you and your “enemy” running around the stage, doing nothing for ten minutes. Or as a friend put it after playing it once: “Well Chris lost a few pounds after that…” I don’t know how many of these are required to get a 4-star but let’s say 60 for calculating reasons (and I fear that isn’t even enough). Means you are supposed to do nothing else but run around in that mode for ten hours! Time between the games not taken into account. Yeah, sure… Capcom… keep dreaming…

User Info: stefan251

4 years ago#2
3) S-Ranks. Although there really are some cheap deaths in this game, it mostly is about skill and concentration. At least on the easier difficulties and Mercenaries. Then again, when you try to S rank every level on every difficulty it’s not only time consuming as hell (again…) but when it comes to No Hope… Well, already on Pro one to two hits send you into dying, I don’t want to now what it is like on No Hope. And then… what is this bull-you-know with no skills to be used…? Not only no infinite ammo but also no powered up guns and nothing. I am sure there are pros out there who do this with their hands tied on their backs and blindfolded and get S-ranks on No hope like it’s a piece of cake. I don’t seem to have the patience and the skills to reach this level of mastery. Guess I’m still a noob.

So, after these thoughts, at least for me there is no way to get this game completed unless there are ways of cheating medals dog tags and other statistics.

Thanks for reading to those who made it this far! ^^

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
4 years ago#3
I know what you mean. At first, I wanted to 100% everything, like you, but after figuring how much time it would take to 4-star all the Dog Tags, I gave up on that. Especially after losing 80 hours of data to a corrupt save... I'll be satisfied with unlocking just the 1-star rating for all the tags, so no ?????? are left. Then again, I'm not sure if I care about the Dog Tags anymore... I will get all the Achievements, though. Just gotta boost the DLC ones now, then I'll be free of RE6.

BTW, S-Ranking No Hope isn't that hard. Read DetBeauregard's posts here:


User Info: HeDanny

4 years ago#4
I so feel you man. I've been playing in excess of 200 hours now as well I believe, and I only play Campaign. It is all campaign, all the time for me.

Soo.. imagine how my heart sank when after finishing all of them several times I looked closely at which Dog Tag Titles I did not have yet, to find (for example) "kill 100 enemies with a rocket launcher".

Oh.. god.

So no. It's just not going to happen, I don't think. I'll play as long as I'm still having fun, but even when looking at ONLY those titles, medals etc that are obtainable within Campaign, I just can't ever see them being maxed out.

On the other hand, I did say the same thing about "Earth Defense Force 2017". It took me years on and off, but I did, eventually, get there. Not only that, but I still go back to that one on occasion just to goof off and kill giant bugs.

Never say never?
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User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#5
The only things I'm willing to try and get 100% for is getting the missing Serpent Emblems from Chris's and Jakes Campaign,unlock Sherry and Carla and get the Alternate Costumes for Mercenaries and get all weapons available for whichever character I didnt play as in the 3 Campaigns. So far,I'm only going for the missing Serpent Emblems since I suck at Mercenaries.
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User Info: stefan251

4 years ago#6
@Bent 00

I'm also tryin to get at least every dog tag once to have the gaps filled for now. But then again, there are some I don't know how to get since I didn't even get it once in all the playing time to at least get the description what to do and how to get it. It's like poking around in the dark hoping for a lucky strike.


Yes of course, there is always the possibility to get it at last in years. But especially here the chances are so low, because so much depends on the MP part. In games where it is just depending on you and when you like to play you can take your time and play again in two years or whenever you want to again. But here (or every other game with MP XBOX and in-game achievements): it’s now roughly half a year since the game came out and it starts to get difficult to find people playin specific online modes. But I am surprised there still are so many… But in another six months you won’t find anyone play it anymore rendering this stuff de facto impossible to get. And in the end when Capcom decides to turn of the servers it really is impossible.

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
4 years ago#7
Here's a medal list, stefan:


and a dog tag guide:


User Info: stefan251

4 years ago#8
Thanks for that Bent 00. But its not these I'm worried about. It's from the DLC MP modes where there is no (complete) list to be found...

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
4 years ago#9
Oh. Well, I just wouldn't worry about 'em. It's not like anyone else can see all the dog tags you haven't unlocked. They're completely useless anyway. Don't waste your time on 'em.

User Info: goku4ever03

4 years ago#10
My target is to S rank every chapter with every character on every difficulty. Then it's to S rank every Mercenary map with every character on both solo and duo. 495 S ranks in total. I have a friend who has already done all that and is now trying to max out all the dog tags, as am I. Although at the moment that is impossible as one of the dog tags requires you to own all the EX3 costumes and so far 3 is the maximum you can possibly have.
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