Want to ask about New Game Plus and Agent Hunt...

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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#1
1)What exactly is Agent Hunt?I played a few games,I was a monster and I was always getting killed and that is.Couldn't hit a single guy.Are there any achievements for that?
2)I finished Leon's chapter.I play on Normal.I bought Defense lv 3 and Item drop increase.I want to play all campaigns after I finish them for the first time on Veteran with the other character.Will it be much harder?I notice that the enemies need a lot of hits and you have few ammo on Normal.So how harder will it be?At least when I died I started with max health so that helps.
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User Info: Isegrim

4 years ago#2
1) I just play Agent Hunt for fun. Sometimes though, you will get paired with some experienced Agents with the intent of hunting AH players. Best time in RE6 for me was trying to find a way around their tactics and putting the fear of the undead back in their lives.

Killing an agent will raise your experience in www.residentevil.net and increase your creature level. That's one point of the mode I guess.

2) Never really found Campaign difficult and if you're playing single player, Field Medic especially on level 2 will definitely make things ridiculously easier. Use it at your discretion. Just master those melee attacks if you want to conserve ammo. (Do some Mercenaries, read the Merc Faq and use what you've learned there to master melee attacks to conserve ammo.)
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