This is driving me insane

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User Info: Ryuji Yamazaki

Ryuji Yamazaki
4 years ago#1
I recently got all the achievements in this game, and I had one last thing I wanted to do before I moved on to something else - get a 150 combo in Mercenaries.

But I JUST... CAN'T... DO IT!!!

The closest I ever got was 144 with Agent on Urban Chaos - and that's when I wasn't even trying for 150 -_-

It's always something dumb that breaks my combo, but one of my biggest problems has been the friggin' Napad. Aren't Mercenaries enemies supposed to have a lot less health than they have in the campaign? Because I swear you can drop an atomic bomb on that ****er and he still won't die. I seriously unloaded an entire L. Hawk clip right into his face and it was like I never even touched him. *sigh* I know, I know, don't let him spawn... but counters are such a great way to kill enemies and build time, not to mention they're just plain cool and fun to do. :-P

Phew... ok, so pretty much every time I come to the boards to vent about something, I end up accomplishing it soon after, so let's hope that trend continues :)

User Info: Valerium

4 years ago#2
just chuck a grenade at the nepad to blow up those scales and reveal the weak spot, he dies pretty fast when you shoot them in that, pretty sure 2 deagle shots will do.

User Info: ILuvKnives

4 years ago#3
Well, maybe it's when you're NOT trying too hard that you'll actually get it! LOL! Also, here's what I learned:

The secret Napad spawns (magically/mysteriously - LOL) from an opening on the ceiling of the sky bridge on UC, more towards the middle part.

User Info: Ryuji Yamazaki

Ryuji Yamazaki
4 years ago#4

Used regular Chris on Urban Chaos, and I didn't let the Napad spawn :-P

User Info: kalibre16

4 years ago#5
I feel your pain man letting Napad spawn is something I try to avoid but it always happens lol I realized it was time to man up and take him down the second he spawns (I can't hold him F that, though if you can it does net you a higher score)

The way I do it is I use whatever power weapon I have to break his shell, then kill a nearby zombie to not lose my combo, then keep pumping lead into him and taking care of any nearby zombies until he goes down (most times he'll be down before you get to the whoppers but if you ever have a situation lure him into the gas tank and he'll go down)

Of course I'm on the PS3 so I really shouldn't be here giving advice but eh too many elitists over there what with their 1.4 Million scores
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  3. This is driving me insane

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