Any chance we get more old-school costumes?

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  3. Any chance we get more old-school costumes?

User Info: Cdog923

4 years ago#1
Specifically, Leon and Ada's RE4 getups? Maybe Chris's STARS uniform, or even a DLC similar to Mercs: Reunion for RE5?
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User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#2
It seems to me like Capcom's already starting to move away from this gloriously underrated game. :/
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User Info: CTU_007

4 years ago#3
I rather have Gay Sailor Chris from Revelations.

User Info: siegeshot

4 years ago#4
I think Cap and a few other OEM's are abandoning everything as fast as they can that isn't guaranteed.

I think this is why you're seeing Revs come back as well as Super Metroid VC, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nsmb2 Luigi.... I can't think of more off the top of my head but nobody's taking any risks right now. Borderlands 2 is full speed ahead on DLC, Deep Silver isn't straying from their winning formula.

I think RE6 was supposed to be Cap's RE platform and when they astronomically blew it via death of 1000 papercuts they abandond ship and now Revs is their platform. So basically Revs is becoming what RE6 was supposed to be.

So I'm standing by that we end up getting the next Mercs on the Revs engine instead of the RE6 engine.

I could be totally wrong, you can see my sig. I'd love RE6 Reunion or a completely new full like 25 map with 25'ish chars Mercs standalone but I just don't know. I don't know what Cap is doing or thinking.

I think they need to stay on the Mercs platform using the RE6 engine and release Mercs only and that'd get them the funds they want. Then they can stay on the Revs engine and make a Raid platform... or merge the two.. but they need those transactions and they just aren't happening.

I don't know. They seem to be in a bubble. Costumes and extra chars is printing money but they don't have a platform like SSF4 or uMvC3 that's current. Mercs and Raid should be super fast, super easy, super cheap and I'd buy everything I could get my hands on. I've put 100's of hours into various Mercs and over 50 in Raid. I'd buy a standalone of them separate or merged and I'd be a happy dude.
Please include Frank West, Rachael (Rachel) Foley, Quint Cetcham, and Jack Krauser in RE6 Mercs Reunion as well as RE4 Village and RE5 Public Assembly.

User Info: DaltonM

4 years ago#5
RE4 leon would be SO cool. And his taunt out take is jacket off! oh yes please!!!
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  3. Any chance we get more old-school costumes?

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