i need tips on how to be good at this game

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  3. i need tips on how to be good at this game

User Info: kablamo

4 years ago#1
some control tips, i'm constantly being taken down by zombies and dogs.

I feel like your able to be more evasive when your holding LT, but you walk pretty slow.

And with zombies faking to be "dead", in previous games, you could shoot them to be sure, but now, that doesn't seem to work, you have to get real close to them for them to spring to left.

What is the blue oscillating circle cue for? critical physical hit?

I'm just struggling with this game, for instance early on in Leon's campaign, when your in the gun store, surrounded by zombies, that FAT zombie, and those things that somewhat resemble regenerators from RE4 I felt like I couldn't do ANYTHING, I used so much health, and felt like my options were limited.

RE4 and 5 were a breeze for me, this one... not so much.

Playing on normal difficulty.

User Info: Sega9599

4 years ago#2
hehe i had the same problem. Used all my ammo killing every single zombie and wasted so much health getting creamed....

But i realised I was trying to play it like a classic Resi game, or even like Resi 5. In this game you have to evade and dodge a lot more. Don't be afraid to be cheap and roll every so often. Use those incendenary grenades, they give you a lot of them in Leon's 1st chapter. Don't waste ammo and try to just stomp enemies that are down.
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User Info: tadmfpole

4 years ago#3
That blue circle is a navigator, it points you in the direction you need to go. Use your melee attacks when feasible to save on ammo if you are running low, esp. when near a downed enemy. Also be sure to equip skills, the first upgrades are pretty easy to obtain and help tremendously.
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#4
A lot comes from experience with the game itself, and utilizing skills and your arsenal. Never be afraid to use melee. Setting up Coup's with male characters is very easy. Once you know enemies patterns, how they move, it gets much better. Special attacks, like Chris' double knife swing, Helen/as acrobatics with the hydra or Ada's flip on a crossbow quick-shot all have use and are very nice to know. Also knowing weapon properties help a lot, for example the 909 handgun has a great critical rate, Ada's X-bow is bad for zombies but great on J'avo or that Leons Wingshot can be dual wielded are important.
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  3. i need tips on how to be good at this game

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