I just read that they didn't like how the "REmake" did.

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  3. I just read that they didn't like how the "REmake" did.

User Info: TheRequiemWolf

3 years ago#1
Evidently it didn't live up to Capcom's expectations and this is what led to Resident Evil 4 and thus 5 and 6 to be more action oriented. Are they REALLY THAT stupid?

The REmake didn't do as well as they'd hoped because it was a GAMECUBE exclusive. The series was for the Playstation systems at the could've EASILY shined on the Xbox and the PS2. But instead they put it on the kiddy system and then seem to be clueless why it didn't do well?

I seem to recall until the REmake there wasn't really any reason for me to even want a Gamecube and when I finally bought one, I just picked up the REmake and 0 for twenty bucks together.

User Info: Mariofan15

3 years ago#2
That is not why it didnt do well.
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User Info: kiramasaki

3 years ago#3
It was part of the reason. Re 4 sold almost 2 million more copies on the ps2 then on the gamecube where it first came out 3.62 versus 1.69. Incidentally the highest selling Re on family friendly Nintendo system was RE 4 on the Wii at 2.16, followed by re 4 gamecube 1.69, resident evil 1.4 and zero 1.29 million. And those are worldwide figures, not just US.

In comparsion on the ps one, yes ps1, thats a system one generation before the gamecube, re 1-3 sold almost 20 million copies between them.

I can't say making that much less on Nintendo pleased Capcom, and get the feeling it was only exclusivity keeping them from leaving much earlier. I do honestly think if REmake was on the ps2 it would have at least double its sales, if not more.

User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#4
Maybe REmake didnt sold well because it was a remake and not an all new game?

RE4 GC: 1.6 mil

RE4 PS2: 2 mil

RE4 Wii: 1.9 mil

REmake: 1.35 mil

I dont think Remake sale were that low compared to the sales of re4 on the other systems, SPECIALLY considering its a remake whose biggest enhancement was graphically and not in its gameplay.
The sales for REmake probably might not be the expected amount seeing as it was game where most of the design and planning was already done by the original game, they just had to redo everything on the graphical aspect and just added a few new things like lisa trevor.

Maybe REmake would have done much better if they sticked the controls of RE4 before RE4 came out and used it as a guinea pig to see the reaction over the new controls.

User Info: zenandi

3 years ago#5
It sounds to me like revisionist history to justify going the action route.

Fact is Nintendo probably had the smallest market share. From there, any kind of reasoning for sales not doing as well on their system should logically come to the conclusion that all the hardcore serious gamers were already on the Playstations.

If it released on the Playstation and didn't do well, THEN they have a point.

User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#6
You also have to consider the fact that Shinji and co. were tired of the old-school style.

One famous false story I keep hearing is that "Capcom forced Shinji to turn RE4 into a shooter", when the change was by Shinji's own hands.
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User Info: zero829

3 years ago#7
Indeed being Gamecube exclusive hurt REmake's sales a lot. Japan didn't care much for the Gamecube and neither did we. REmake would have made a lot more had it came out on all three consoles.

That being said the action orientation of the later games is likely a product of the gaming industry as a whole, as just about every major game franchise has shifted toward a more beginner friendly action orientated experience. The original Resident Evil 4 became Devil May Cry and then the survival horror tank controls Resident Evil 4 later became the third person shooter we eventually got, which went on to become one of the most influential games of the previous generation so it is safe to say Capcom would use that as its model because just about every company that made third person action games used RE4 and Gears of War as their idols. It wasn't until Uncharted 2 that people found another game to try to live up to, but RE4 is still often considered one of the strongest single player third person shooters out there.

Unfortunately that Silent Hill style of survival horror just does not seem to be very popular outside of the indie scene and obscured PC community. With how expensive games are to make it is probably hard to justify production of these games anymore, which is probably why when they do come out they are outsourced, such as with the Silent Hill games. Companies do not want the heart of their teams working on horror games I suppose.
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User Info: Isegrim

3 years ago#8
I don't know why there's some renewed focus on REmake as the greatest RE ever made. We have a GC and REmake and when I played it, I was initially wowed on the graphics. the new areas and the resurrecting red zombies. But near the end, I had to push myself to continue since it was pretty much the same game I played on the PS1 zillions of times before. I really don't think REmake would have sold according to Capcom's (probably inflated) expectations even if it was on PS2.
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User Info: unnamedFer

3 years ago#9
Its a remake after all, not a completely new game.

User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#10
I don't know why there's some renewed focus on REmake as the greatest RE ever made.

I don't think it is renewed. REmake polished up an already great title and actually made it better. Some of my most memorable moments in the series come from that title. I have regarded it as one of the very best RE titles since it came out. If you were to go back and replay the first RE game would you rather play REmake or the original?
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