Do people play siege mode?

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User Info: RadjerDadjer

3 years ago#1
Because I got it yesterday, and I'm starting to really regret it. It seems like it would be fun, except the community is bull****. I couldn't find any games yesterday, so I left a lobby open yesterday for about ten minutes before someone finally joined. It ended up being a massacre because I was new to this mode and didn't know where anything was and she clearly memorized it, because she kept finding all of them in whatever stage I picked, and she was going all hardcore on the new guy. The really annoying crap was that she'd taunt me every time she killed me, so I finally had enough of her crap and quit, since this was less fun than not playing it.

I managed to find a lobby this morning, and another person joined me afterwards. Unfortunately the lobby host was another hardcore, take this crap way too seriously player, which would have been fine if I wasn't the only one on his own team. After a few games of getting slaughtered, I changed my team, but when the other player changed their team, I decided to join their side since it made sense for the pro to play against the two newer people. Apparently she didn't think so, since she just kept changing to the other team, since the person who's mastered this mode isn't good enough to play on their own.

Is this what this mode is like? Is it only typically played by cheap, way too serious *******s? Or is this what all the versus modes are like? Would I seriously regret getting the other modes?

User Info: BlueJester007

3 years ago#2
You really should not have bought any of the DLC for this game. No one really plays it anymore. There may be a few matches for Survivors, but everything else is pretty much dead. I found more matches for RE5's Mercenaries than I did on RE6's.
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User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#3
The majority of the RE community that participates in multiplayer is filled with dbags. Its been this way since RE5. There are STILL people on RE5 who act like these broken modes mean anything. Its kind of common actually. Its surprising when you run into nice players who don't act like juveniles. No idea why this community is filled with so much trash. Here's an example of myself playing free for all survivors but getting ganged up on by everyone.

If you want to try to organize some games in Onslaught or Siege (or even play Mercenaries) just send me a friend request. My GT is obZen24.
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  3. Do people play siege mode?

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