RE6 PC Development Status

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User Info: shonenlee

5 years ago#21
isamu posted...
Can we PLEASE keep this thread on topic and about the PC development status? I check here every couple of days only find people arguing over PC vs console versions. C'mon guys, let's not crap up the thread with this BS and bump *only* when there's news about the PC version of the game. I'm dying for it to come out!

I agree, there's no use in debating which platform is the best. Whether a player has an Xbox, PS3 or a PC, it doesn't matter, what important is the game itself and the experience it will gave to the players .

All platforms have its own strengths and weakness, pros and cons; same with RE6 once it became available on the PC port, there will be some modifications to ensure that it will run smoothly on most PCs. There's no such thing as the ultimate nor perfect console/platform.

On the PC update, nothing is posted so far but as I talked to Sven (via Capcom Unity) a few months ago, he did promise that "things will get better for this front" referring to the PC releases.

It may be a long wait but I'm still excited to find out what RE6 PC will offer, so stay tuned.
I've got a job to do, and I'm gonna see it through ~ Chris Redfield, RE5

User Info: istuffedsunny

5 years ago#22
My prediction: April 2013. I don't think they'll release it any later since everyone will be talking about the new consoles
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User Info: Mazinger_Kaiser

5 years ago#23
meh. I won`t hold my breath anymore about crapcom games..........
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User Info: shonenlee

4 years ago#24
A small update on RE6: PC, as per Sven from the Ask Capcom forum:

"You'll know details about RE6 PC before the end of the year... so very soon. ;)"

I do this info will be released soon.
I've got a job to do, and I'm gonna see it through ~ Chris Redfield, RE5

User Info: galfasanta1111

4 years ago#25

March 22nd.
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User Info: sadjesture

4 years ago#26
Releasing it so close to SC2:HoTS may not be a good idea...

User Info: Zantetsuken_14

4 years ago#27
If you have a good enough computer that can run recommended settings on the game, just select the framerate as unlocked, then turn v-sync on. Did this with resident evil 5 and it ran perfectly with no screen tearing.
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