Wait... if Team Fortress 2 takes place in 1968...

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  3. Wait... if Team Fortress 2 takes place in 1968...

User Info: AquaDelusion

6 years ago#1
How does the Heavy know what Tetris is?
Je m'appelle Basil Gruber.

User Info: MestizoFreak

6 years ago#2
Or World of Warcraft for that matter. I came across this dialogue

Strong Bad: Hey, Hefty Bag, you ever play video games?
Heavy: Just one.
Strong Bad: Oh yeah? What tickles your fancy?
Heavy: It is called...
Tycho: WoW?
Heavy: Niet! It is not popular. It is called "Where's an Egg?"

User Info: guncrashdx

6 years ago#3
^ He probably doesn't know what WoW is. He probably thought it was a lame game since he never heard of it.

Actually, TF2 is currently in 1970's (It literally took place 40 years ago from now). Since TF2 uses a lot of advanced technologies the government used way before the world did, there could be a chance they had a hold of some sort of video game ahead of it's time. (Where's An Egg is obviously ahead of 1970)

But in all honesty, it was just a game invented in Russia that became popular in video games.
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User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
6 years ago#4
Heavy also saw the first 20 minutes of Rocky IV. Which was not out in 1968.

Also, the Scout knows 2004 as "A year to remember" (He's from Boston, so he's a Red Sox fan) but, obviously he can't remember the year 2004 if it's 1986.

So, yeah, this game is canon.
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Jack: No. Jump good.

User Info: Leagult

6 years ago#5
Because Heavy is Russian.

User Info: Psycho_Kirby

6 years ago#6
They also didn't have teleporters and machines that generate infinite amounts of health and ammunition in the 60s. >_>

Also, all four of the franchises in Poker Night at the Inventory have so little focus on continuity you can pretty much abide by the philosophy of "Everything, including Poker Night, is canon even if it makes no sense for it to be."
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User Info: Aganar

6 years ago#7
Nor technology that allows enemy combatants to be killed indefinitely and resurrected.

User Info: DarthBilf

6 years ago#8
HAHA I didn't know there was a Where's the Egg reference. That's a really obscure Homestar reference.

User Info: EvetscipE

6 years ago#9
The setting behind TF2 is that the mercs were left there in an un-renovated base to fight it out for land...

the posters say 1968 because the base has been abandoned since then... in reality it could be 2050 for all we know...

User Info: BioShenanigans

6 years ago#10
But... but then Scout would have to be older than 50. o.o
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