Will "patch/69 level cap" be included in GOTY edition?

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  3. Will "patch/69 level cap" be included in GOTY edition?

User Info: fitzbite235

6 years ago#1
I don't have access to XBL and have been looking forward to the GOTY edition for quite some time. Also reading about the soon to be release patch that will balance the game and raise level cap to 69. Will the GOTY edition have these included on the disc? Or will I be stuck with 51 level cap and no balancing? Please don't make me wait until October 13th to find out.

User Info: EchiDNA12

6 years ago#2
for Xbox360 you will need at least a XBL silver account. The GOTYE will have all previous DLC plus a token to redeem for Claptrap revolution. Claptrap revolution will include the raised level cap.

User Info: karmafreejack

6 years ago#3

The patch doesn't come with DLC4. It's a seperate download which doesn't have a set date yet. It's only been confirmed that it will drop between 9/28 to 10/12. Yes you will need an internet connection for DLC4 and again for the patch.

User Info: Animekillah16

6 years ago#4
Dude thats total bull. they wont have DLC4 be an online download only. if borderlands is getting the fallout 3 goty treatment and every knows that it is, then DLC4 along with the other 3 WILL b on a separate friggin disc

User Info: ZarnonElchris

6 years ago#5
None of the DLC will be on a separate disk. They are all download tokens.
If you don't have XBoxLive, the Game of the Year Edition is useless to you.

User Info: ErOzIoN

6 years ago#6
for the last time,the last patch has nothing to do with other dlc's
the latest patch will increase lvl cap by 8 EIGHT regardless of having Knoxx or not
so if you have Knoxx cap will be 69,ig not the cap will be 58

User Info: tony8669

6 years ago#7
Level cap increase is in a PATCH, not a specific DLC.

And no, the patch has not come out yet.

User Info: shawnmck

6 years ago#8
As someone already posted, this GotY edition does NOT have any of the DLC on disc.
It is basically a code for each separate expansion that must be down-loaded.
If you don't have access to XBL then this version is totally worthless to you.
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  3. Will "patch/69 level cap" be included in GOTY edition?

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