Would using a real Gunblade be hard?

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  3. Would using a real Gunblade be hard?

User Info: AStiffyIffy

6 years ago#1
I made a topic about Cole's sling pack on the InFamous 2 boards and wanted to know if his pack had a weapon strap so I could put a Gunblade in there.

Then, some guy said you'd get broken wrists from using. So far, no positive comments on the Gunblade.

Is it really that bad of a weapon?

User Info: JunDageki

6 years ago#2
in real life: holding Squall's gunblade would definitely hurt your wrists.
in a fantasy life: your wrists can handle it, maybe even find it comfortable seeing as Squall has no problem with it.
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User Info: Jack_369

6 years ago#3
It's not that it's a bad weapon but if you use it the way that squall uses it you would most deffinitly get broken wrists.
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User Info: OnionOfMystery

6 years ago#4
In my opinion, Gunblades are the stupidest weapons ever conceived.

Yeah, you'd probably blow your hands off. Squall is a goddamn phony.

User Info: Mega_Skrull

6 years ago#5
I wonder if punching a real great dragon to death would be too hard...
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User Info: Raizer-Sabre

6 years ago#6
i direct you to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistol_sword

User Info: PatteTheDude

6 years ago#7
most likely XD

..Live and let live..

User Info: Spiffy_1st

6 years ago#8
^That is amazing.

User Info: RPG kid

RPG kid
6 years ago#9
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User Info: MarquessLaus

6 years ago#10
Lighting's? Pretty heavy, really counterinituative how you're just supposed to slide the gun and sword pasrt and down in one smooth motion, not practical.

Squall's? You'd break your wrists firing it in a few tries. Way to heavy to swing to begin with.
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  3. Would using a real Gunblade be hard?

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