AP farming tricks?

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User Info: ShadowTemplar

6 years ago#1
Any quick ways to get AP?

User Info: Sohashi

6 years ago#2
well, what I do.. is just battle a level one cpu, after getting all the AP boosting stuff from PP catalog, and just always get the AP chance quickly, then end the battle quickly. Doesn't take to long. Depending on level and equipment, you might not need to do any bravery attacks to kill them.
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User Info: calamityflare

6 years ago#3
1. Make/steal Diamond Armor set(AP+100%)
2. Make acessory which gives you PP+20%, AP+100, Gil+20%
3. Achieve AP chances
4. Fight lv 1 characters
5. Play with custom Brave rules
Result: get between 15-21 AP per fight for about 2-3 seconds of fighting.
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User Info: ChipNoir

6 years ago#4
If they still have Special Days, you can change your day on your PSP. Also, if they still also do stacking, you can equip the same skills multiple times, and the AP earned stacks together.
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

6 years ago#5
Does the lv1 Chaos quick battle grind still work?
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User Info: piratekingVyse2

6 years ago#6

From: SpacePirateKhan | #005
Does the lv1 Chaos quick battle grind still work?

Yes, but the AP chances are a bit harder to get, since getting hit at all before you accomplish it will null it.
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