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User Info: Jigzor

6 years ago#1
This is a meta game tier list for Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 duodecim. There are 2 kinds of tier list. One is the meta game where characters are ranked based on how there combat style or abilities fit into the cosmetics of the game. The second kind
is Matchup Data tier list where data is collected and recorded from matches of high level usually tournaments to see which character or class is the most dominant.
Which one is more accurate? Neither really both have there good and bad points for instance data collected from tournament play obviously shows accuracy to a high degree but then again anything can happen within those matches which would make the data gathering inferior for instance a Shantotto beating every opponent 3 tournaments in a row not neccessarily the same one.
This of course is unlikely but its not impossible. As for meta game tier list it shows just how strong a class is based on how that class's abilties work with the game itself
but of course this does not dictate what class is superior to another within a match it only relates to info concerning how that class fits into the game.
Some will prefer matchup data otherwise will prefer meta game, a matchup data takes time to collate but no doubt someone will create one soon from watching some high level - master play tournament style matches. Until that time through heavy play a research I present to you a meta game tier list.
I am more then willing to give a full explaination and display my full data as to which character goes where if there is enough demand for it. Until then enjoy the tier list and have a good discussion/debate upon it.

S+: Zidane

S: Ulteimecia, Ex-Death, Feral Chaos

A: Sephiroth, Gabaranth, Prishe, Kuja, Vaan

B: Cloud of Darkness, Squall, Tidus, Cloud, Kefka

C: Kain, Jecht, Garland, WOTL, Golbez

D: Firion, Terra, Bartz, Cecil

E: Yuna, Tifa, Light, Gilgamesh

F: Laguna, Emperor, Onion Knight

G: Shantotto


Feral Chaos


Cloud of Darkness




Onion Knight


User Info: TheExiled280

6 years ago#2
Tifa, Lightning & Yuna are waaaaaaaaaay to low
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User Info: pichtt

6 years ago#3
Not this AGAIN!!!! D:
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User Info: sumostickfigure

6 years ago#4
Uh... source plz?
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User Info: sumostickfigure

6 years ago#5
I also find it amusing that Cecil's only relatively higher up in this game's tier list compared to the first game's list because there's a decent helping of new characters below him now.
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User Info: Espeon8

6 years ago#6
I hardly see anyone playing Zidane in the highest level tournaments. I really doubt he's above the likes of Exdeath or Sephiroth.

Basically, I'm very skeptical about your list unless you can provide explanations for all of that. And even if you do, GameFAQs is a terrible place to discuss something like this, given how many people here are vehemently anti-tier list. If you're going to do something like this seriously, take it to Dissidia Forums.
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User Info: TheExiled280

6 years ago#7
why not post this on Dissidia forums
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User Info: pichtt

6 years ago#8
While I really like to use Zidane, putting him over there is a bit much... this is not the First Dissidia, you know? A really unbalanced Tier list and a very bias one at that.
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User Info: Jigzor

6 years ago#9
Well for whatever reasons it wouldnt let me post at least I can again. Surprised at how ridicolously fast people have replied do you guys stay on here all day :P. Anyway I do plan to post elsewhere.
If people want ill up the post with data for the tier listing just wanted to see if it was worth my time or if any were interested enough.
Just to give you a lowdown of how I marked up the tier these the points in order of importance I based it on.

1. Assist - How well a class synergizes with an assist class (Assist bar build, combo string to and from assist)

2. Air Game - How well a Class fights in the air (anywhere from 70% - 90% of fighting in dissidia happens in the air)

3. Defence - Who has the best defensive actions/movements against attacks (not just blocks/evasion)

4. Priority - Whose class attacks/actions are superior to anothers when colliding (Such as brave attacks that break guards)

5. Recovery - How quickly a class recovers from an action (Speed of recovery after being struck or striking)

6. Attack Speed - How fast an attack is (This effects alot of things on this list)

7. Attack Range - Who has the longest range attacks (With such different and big stages range is important)

8. Combo String - Length and power of combos with/without assist (Most need assist for combos with some exceptions)

9. HP attacks - They drop your opponents life its what wins the game (Speed/Range/Recovery/Can it be used without assist?)

10. Brave Attacks - Dictates the damage your HP attack will do (Speed/Range/Priority/Recovery)

11. Ex Ability - A class ability using ex abilities and building ex bar (Ex arent very effective due to assists)

12. Ground Game - How well a class fights on the ground (Ground dominante classes tend to do more damage and have anti air)

13. Stage Synergy - How well a Class fights on different stages (Ground classes get few stages where they are more effective)

14. CP/Skill Building* - How well a class uses cp between abilities and passive boost (Again Aerial classes dominate here)

User Info: Jigzor

6 years ago#10
Its not really bias it has maybe the tiniest bit if you want to account the fact i created it on my own but it is intended just to read the strength of the classes within how the game works for them and nothing more. I dont like any of the top chars really and Zidane is ontop purely because he got the best scoring from those game points I've just listed.
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