FF12 representation?

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User Info: kattheninja

7 years ago#1
I know what people think of the game, but I'm surprised Balthier didn't at least make it into the first dissidia, considering he's one of final fantasy's more popular characters in Japan.

but I want him and Asche in. Asche is a babe with a great personality, should be fun.
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User Info: TruePrime

7 years ago#2
Can't agree about Ashe, to me one of the worst characters in FF.

That said, who knows Baltheir and Ashe have a chance. That said they won't have it easy getting in over Vaan and even Basch.
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User Info: _Sanaki_

7 years ago#3
Balthier was considered for Dissidia, but dropped because he had just appeared in FFT: WotL. Gabranth was chosen to provide a rep for Chaos (albeit, speculation on my part) and because he was the logo.
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User Info: komorebi07

7 years ago#4
Balthier, Ashe, Vaan,

they could go a number of directions and I'd be happy.

It kind of depends on who they choose for other games, you know?

Like if they need a gun user, get Balthier, but if we have Vincent or Yuna already for a gun user, get Ashe or something

Diversity is key.

User Info: I eat food

I eat food
7 years ago#5
The fact that now Balthier would be competing for the spot of a main hero instead of a bonus character makes it an uphill battle for him as well.

User Info: SazukeEX

7 years ago#6
Gabranth used to serve Chaos(In an earlier war) but was defeated by Shanototto and is now the guardian of the afterlife who the other fighters have to beat if they want to come back into the war.
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User Info: Ixbran

7 years ago#7
FF12 Hero = Ashe

FF12 Villan = Vayne

FF12 Extra = Gabranth

ashe and Vayne has the strongest conection out of the rest of the heroes, since their kingdoms are at war with each other. and it is Ashe who the story revolves around, if they used anyone aside from her id be surprised.

After all, thats why they went with jecht as the villan for X instead of seymour, he has the strongest connection to the hero, Tidus.

the same concept can be applied to FF12

Everyone is Expecting Vaan to be the hero, but lets face it; he make almost no contribution to the overall story. and every small part he did contribute to the story can be given to another character easily.

also the entire "Ashe and Vaan can see the ghost of Ashe's dead husband" thing is never explained, at least i dont remember if it was. it was like SE's futile attempt to make Vaan seem important, even though he wasn't.

adding Vaan would just not make sense

as for Balthier = No, just no. he is not the main hero, nor the "Leading Man". hes just some thief who bribes Ashe for personal gain, i personally consider him a complete and total ass hat

if hes the hero for 12, i would be very disappointing in SE's choice. yes its their game and their choice on who gets in, but i dont have to agree with who they chose.

but those are just my personal views on the matter. Ashe should be the hero, not only because of the fact she has the strongest ties to the games main villan, Vayne Solidor, but also because of the games lack of female characters.

Hell, im gay, and i think this game has too many males; and if a game has too many men, to the point a gay guy feels uneasy, then that's definetly too much.

User Info: TruePrime

7 years ago#8
Sorry to tell you but the worst thing you could do if you support Ashe for XII is use Tidus as a comparision.

Tidus was chosen as the Main character and there for Jecht was chosen.

If the rules that dictated Dissidia 1 are still in effect then it is likely it will be Vaan (Tidus) who is choosen despite not being the central character in the story Ashe(Yuna) and the villian will be choosen to compliment him.
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User Info: _Sanaki_

7 years ago#9
Pretty sure Vayne will be the villain, Vaan the most likely hero, with Ashe as a runner-up, and Gabranth as the neutral.
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User Info: Ragiroth

7 years ago#10
Vayne is really the only character that I'd want.

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