Tactics Characters?- Yay or Nay

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  3. Tactics Characters?- Yay or Nay

User Info: applejuiceroar

6 years ago#1
Yeah i wanted them in the first game.
it could be

FFT- Ramza, Delita, Orlandu
FFTA- Marche, Ritz or Montblanc, Judge Cid,
FFTA2- Luso, Cid

User Info: slothica

6 years ago#2
Montblanc ftw!


While I like the tactic games, no characters from them are really "cool" enough.
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User Info: Doru_Dinn

6 years ago#3
Original and maybe tactics advance 1 would rock, but nay.
And why judge cid? he quit his job halfway through, think llendear or what's his angryness.
(if they add tactics characters it would just open the way for dumber subseries'.)
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User Info: minato_ookami

6 years ago#4
FFT- Ramza, Delita,
these of course but have to change orlandu for ultima

others maybe
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User Info: weltall1028

6 years ago#5
Yay to the original Tactics, nay to the others.
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User Info: full_metal01

6 years ago#6
FFTA- Marche, Ritz or Montblanc, Judge Cid

Red cards, red cards everywhere o_O

And if Marche is the villain, who is the hero? Mewt doesn't fight at all, maybe Llendar Twem?
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User Info: applejuiceroar

6 years ago#7
yeah i never played A2 but i plan on getting it after i beat bbs.
i actually liked judge cid and i think hes a better judge than gabranth lol.
i always wanted to see an orlandu vs sephiroth battle lol. orlandu is so broken xD

User Info: heartlesshero17

6 years ago#8
Wouldn't mind tactics. Still have to finish TA so I'm to sure about those guys

And only characters I liked in FFTA2 were friemelda and Vaan. Luso was so lame
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User Info: Maverick_jin8

6 years ago#9
If there can be only one, then Ramza. If two then Agrias.

User Info: VideoGamer1990

6 years ago#10
Double yay for Tactics. Sorta yay for Tactics Advance. Still have to finish TA2.
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  3. Tactics Characters?- Yay or Nay

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