Gold Angel?

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User Info: BohepansThe2nd

6 years ago#1
Is there any point to the shop item "Gold Angel"? I traded enough Silver Angels to get it, but it didn't seem to unlock anything in the shop, and while it has an amazing selling price, I could swear it was still not worth as much as the 5 Silver Angels I gave would have been. (After checking, it's kinda close, but still not quite - 110,000 Gil for the Gold Angel, 137,500 Gil for the 5 Silver Angels. And yes, this is on a Special Day that caused the shop to buy things from me at a 10% increase in Gil.)
If anyone knows, does this item just not serve any purpose, even as something to sell (at least compared to the 5 Silver Angels)? Am I better off just selling the Silver Angels and forgetting the Gold Angel's existence? Any light to shed on this? I'd appreciate it.
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