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User Info: Haseo833

6 years ago#1
how can i get it?
GT Izanagi83
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User Info: madfan666

6 years ago#2
Apparently you need to go through Cloud's story and pick up the Buster sword and upgrade from there.
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User Info: Haseo833

6 years ago#3
you sure?
GT Izanagi83
PSN haseo833

User Info: Espeon8

6 years ago#4
Yeah, Buster Sword is required to create the Force Stealer, Cloud's lvl 30 exclusive. I haven't tried upgrading Cloud's weapons yet, but if it's anything like the other characters' weapons, you'll need 5 of the correct battlegen items from Cloud, the previous tier's exclusive weapon, and an additional special material for each tier: Scarletite for the Force Stealer, Electrum for the Butterfly Edge, and True Past for the Fenrir.
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