Official Guide: Main Scenario 000:Confessions of the Creator

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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#1

Table of Contents

02-How to Unlock it
03-Story of Main Scenario 000
04-Preparations before attempting this
06-Closure/Special Thanks

01- Introduction
Hello, this is the Official Guide of Main Scenario 000:Confessions of the Creator. My sole purpose of writing this is to stop some of the rather unneccessary topics that flood this board. Many people wonder how to unlock this story, while some do not even know where to start. Well, I have the answers for you in this topic and I will do the best I can to hopefully answer them all. Once again, this contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. You may stop reading now if spoilers are something you definitely do not desire.

I will NOT go into accurate detail as to what each dungeon contains and holds. This is a FAST RUN of the all the dungeons and finally to Feral Chaos. I will explain how to get to the END OF DISCORD dungeon. Once again I will NOT go into detail on how to clear each dungeon.

02-How to Unlock it
How do you unlock this awesome and thrilling story?
It is VERY simple.
-Finish the 012 Story of Duodecim Dissidia.
-Finish the Prologue of the 013 Story of Duodecim Dissidia
-Finally purchase it from the PP Catalog for 2000 PP.
-Finish the 012 Story of Duodecim Dissidia.
-Finish the 013 Story of Duodecim Dissidia.
-It will be automatically unlocked after those 2 requirements above are fufilled.

03-Story of Main Scenario 000
The Cycle of destruction and purification gave Chaos power and corroded his mind. And after the 18th purification, as soon as the next conflict began, Chaos lost himself.

Leaping out of his throne, he thrashed the lands, eliminating Cosmos's warriors, and annihilated even the warriors he had summoned himself...

Cosmos was true to her mission, even as she lost her memory after every purification. She would summon her warriors and send them to fight Chaos until they perished. No one knows how many of these warriors were sacrificed as disposable pawns...

Chaos was initially reluctant to fight Cosmos...Because Cosmos was a "manikin" of the one who once loved and cared for Chaos. Thus, even after the conflict had begun, he would never inflict direct force onto her. It was when Chaos began to attack Cosmos without hesitation that I realized just how horrible the "cycle" of my creation actually was.

Cosmos's power to summon warriors eventually started to wane. After the 20th purification, she could not summon any new pawns for herself. They dwindled until the last - the only one born in this realm - finally perished...

Even with her warriors gone, Cosmos expended her life to sustain the world's order. Solely to fulfill her mission - to let Chaos destroy the world, or himself...But it reached the point where Chaos's next attack would mean the end for her. It was then that I took physical form as a moogle and headed to Order's Sanctuary. I simply could not lose Cosmos...

Cosmos wished to fight until the end, but I pulled her out of the Sanctuary. The Chasm in the Rotting Land would be unreachable to Chaos. So I sealed her away in the depths of that gateway...

The Conflict of the gods had reached an end of sorts. Chaos now had immense powers, but the door to the Rift showed no signs of opening. I began to think Chaos would destroy the world, and all would return to the Void. But Chaos left the world untouched, and instead turned against Shinryu.
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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#2
Shinryu and Chaos were equal in strength. It seemed the battle would never end. Chaos gained power through destruction, while Shinryu's amassed power purified its wounds. Their colliding powers threatened to destroy the realm at any moment. So I decided to cleave the northern continent, where they fought, from the south, where Cosmos slept...

I headed for the chasm once more and surrendered my powers to cleave the world. I made sure that the gateway in Lufenia bridging the north and south would never be released. My powers given me by Shinryu now lost, I joined Cosmos to enter a long sleep. Until the moment that Chaos gained enough power to open the door to the Rift...

As you saw yourself, I did not have most of my memory when I awoke. I was not fully aware of what it meant to release the gateway in Lufenia. Still I headed for the land of discord to seek the truth as the mured moogle. Cosmos was suppose to be by my side. When could she have perished? And here I am, alive and alone, nothing to show for what I was able to protect...

The "weapon" that I had nurtured could no longer hear my words. Chaos must be defeated for his powers to be maneuvered to open the door. But there is no way a lone moogle can defeat a beast such as him. And that is fine with me. Mine is a life suited to perish in this realm. But you...You don't deserve the same fate. I must return you to whence you came.

I am at the root of all that has happened. Inside Cosmos was born the will to protect her warriors in the 12th conflict...but I ignored it. She then lost everything in the 13th conflict. Too desperate to save myself, I couldn't help one dream of hers come to fruition.

Trapped in this realm with Chaos and Cosmos, I wished to return to my homeworld, because I wanted revenge against the state that robbed me of my family. Revenge was why I parted with my flesh. I was willing to sacrifice anything. But at some point, I realized...Revenge satisfies nothing. All that mattered was for the world to be at peace.

Since being separated from the other realm, time has not been steady here. I am certain that you can return to your world to reunite with friends and family. But I still don't understand...How did you come to this realm? There are no more gods who can summon warriors from other realms. So how do you know about Chaos and Cosmos?

If I am the one who summoned you here, like the two gods used to do, then all I have is remorse. I am sorry to have involved you in this way. However...Unlike from a war of the gods, there is a sure way of "returning home" from here. Having watched you since releasing the Chasm in the Rotting Land until now, I am convinced that you can defeat Chaos.

This is what Cid of the Lufaine saids word for word.

After Feral Chaos is beaten...

Can you hear my voice? Cid has awakened - in the world in which I was felled in the 13th conflict. And another thing happened - another miracle. The "crystals" of the warriors who were defeated despite the strongest resolve have brought "her" back to that world. And Shinryu departed for the Rift. I guess the conflict will never repeat again. Thank you so much...for saving my father...
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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#3
04-Preparations before attempting this
Assuming you have read this far means you really want to know for yourself. Well, there are some guidelines and some standards we must set so we know that we are indeed ready. I will NOT explain where to get these items, but these can be obtained throughout the dungeon. I WILL mention Lufenian Gear along the way. This story is like Inward Chaos from the FIRST FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA. It is not entirely the same, but the difficulty is quite similar.

These are my requirements. *Note* You do NOT have to do this. These are merely my requirements.
-Lufenian Gear or any Level 100 Gear that you believe is suitable.
-Accessories(such as Smiting Soul, and etc. Smiting Soul enables Iai strike which gives you the chance to automatically break and enemy's bravery by a single attack. However, just this accessory alone will only allow a 1% chance, so you will definitely need multipliers.)
-Summons(I'm not a big fan of summons, but I have never used them in any fight unless it is soley for "fun".)
-Cheat(Spam moves such as Yuna's Mega Flare, Firion's Lord of Arms, Emperor's Starfall,etc.) must have SKILL. Yes, this is something you accumulate overtime...but practice makes perfect and I believe you must have skill to complete this story.

These are my reccommendations.


Now begins the real part of this topic. Select your 5 warriors and head on in the story.

Once the game starts...

Alright when the Scenario starts head straight up until you see a teleporter. (They shine bright and are gold.)
Then use the teleporter to head to the CAVERN OF EARTH. Head straight on the world map then at a dead end take a right. You should notice an immense amount of dark aura coming from a gate as usual.
You must do this dungeon. It has 10 floors. The dungeon is called the CHASM IN THE ROTTING LAND. Once this has been completed you will have a moogle following you.

This is CID OF THE LUFAINE(otherwise known as The Great Will)

Once this is completed, many people have said that you must finish 2 OPTIONAL dungeons in order to reach the Southern Lufenia Gateway. This is false. You do not have to hence the reason it is OPTIONAL. If you wish to do them, here is how.

After you have Cid following you around...

Head straight past the gate you just cleared. Ignore the magma stone then you should see another red gate. Proceed towards it.

Now you have reached Shantatto's dungeon. This has 5 floors and it is quick. You just fight her in the end and you should have no trouble. This is called the CURSES AND HOPES OF YORE dungeon. Once completed...

Return to the teleporter. Then teleport to the MARSH CAVES. Here just follow the path and you will find yourself at yet another gate. This is gabranths dungeon that consists of 5 floors and you fight Gabranth in the end. This is called the LAND OF THE STOLEN CROWN.

From these dungeons, you obtain certain unique equips and cutscenes. These two dungeons are also a good warm up before the main event..
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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#4

Proceeding on....

Once those two optional quests are finished(whether you did them or not), Cid explains that you must teleport to CRESCENT LAKE. From the Cid dungeon, immediately head back to the teleporter and head on to the CRESCENT LAKE. Get off the hill and proceed North. This will eventually lead you towards the Cornelia Plains. If you are having trouble finding the Cornelia Plains, click Select on your PSP and it will show you a map of the World Map. Once in the CORNELIA PLAINS proceed towards the nearest red gate which should be visible.

The dungeon you are seeking is the SOUTHERN LUFENIA GATEWAY. BEFORE YOU ENTER HERE, NOTE THAT THERE IS A LEVEL 95 FERAL CHAOS. Once you're ready, head on in and you will find yourself with a red treasure chest. Open it and begin the fight with a LEVEL 95 FERAL CHAOS WITH NEARLY 60,000 HP.

Once defeated he will drop a random Lufenian equip. Also, you will sadly find out that this was merely a manikin version of the real Feral Chaos.....

What I did to slay this beast...
-Spam Lord of Arms with Firion. That is all.

Once this is done, head on north and now you can enter the MIRAGE SANDSEA. To quickly evade all those random manikins that are lurking around, the teleporter(it should be directly infront of you now) is recommended to be used so that you may teleport to the CITADEL OF TRIALS.


With this in mind, once you're at the CITADEL OF TRIALS, head left and then you will spot yet another gate. If you speak to Cid he will also mention that you must go through the CONQURED TRIALS GATEWAY dungeon. This is exactly the gate you will spot upon heading to the left. It has one floor.

For this dungeon I did...

Headed to the leftmost red chest. Beat the manikin. Obtained a Lufenian Gear. Then Proceeded to destroy the other manikins, thus ending the dungeon much quickly. You may open all of them, but becareful!

Once this dungeon is completed, head on back to the telporter.

To get to this dungeon, just head on back to the teleporter from the CONQURED TRIALS GATEWAY and it should be accessible on your world map.
I had done this dungeon the first time because I was curious, but it is another "equipment" dungeon that is full of promising items. However, it has 10 floors and it is rather troublesome.
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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#5
Now to proceed with the story...

Whether you have completed that optional dungeon is no concern of mine. However, read further along if you wish to know how it you end it all. Now, continue from the CONQURED TRIALS GATEWAY dungeon and keep following the path.

Keep heading North and.....

You have reached the LAND OF DISCORD. This is it. The final part. You are almost done.

Once here keep heading north until you reach an intersection and from there, head left. Now you will spot a gate. It is called CONFINEMENT AND FLIGHT. On the other side of this gate, you should also see a teleporter. There are many strong manikins afoot in these last 4 dungeons(Including Feral Chaos himself). The bonus line is level 100 for all, so bear in mind that these dungeons are not "jokes".

*NOTE* These last 3 Mini-Dungeons have 1 floor, so you are in luck.

Enter the dungeon...

Surprisingly they are all GOLDEN STATUES. What does this mean? It means they all have 1 HP. That's right. One blow will finish it off. Sounds too good to be true? You are correct once again. If they hit you with any BRV->HP combo, you will most likely die. Do whatever it takes to win.

Now head towards the teleporter in front of you. It is the last checkpoint. If you would like to head back anywhere to possibly farm more equipment, then go do so now. Once you use the teleporter, it should definitely state these locations: CASTLE CORNELIA, MELMOND, CAVERN OF EARTH, PRAVOKA, LUFENIA, GAIA, MIRAGE TOWER, CITADEL OF TRIALS, DRAGON CAVES, AND FINALLY ONRAC.

There is a high-level multi-floor dungeon in the Northern continent near the Mirage Tower teleporter that you can get all the Lufenian gear from. It is in an open area surrounded by 3 level 130 Garland Manikins. The gear will be inside red chests which force you to fight an opponent before you can get the items inside.

The dungeon is called: DREAMS OF A FLYING CASTLE.

Once you're all set, ride the rails up a couple of times and towards yet ANOTHER dungeon...

This is called PERVASIVE SORROW. Once again it is nothing but GOLDEN STATUES(they are the only ones required to fight anyways)

Once this is finished...head on up for yet another DUNGEON...


Caution: There is a Cecil Manikin which you must defeat to clear the dungeon. You do 0 Bravery damage to him, and he is incredibly strong. You really need proper equips for this one. If you are skilled with dodging,etc then you should be fine.

Once you are finished with this last Mini-Dungeon...head on up to the last dungeon.


*NOTE* ON THE 5TH FLOOR OF THIS LAST DUNGEON, CID OF THE LUFAINE WILL HEAL ALL YOUR PARTY MEMBERS. If you are scared that you might have to fight him with one character or injured not worry.

You cannot have your original rules or anything so good luck. There are 5 floors and he is obviously on the fifth floor. Also, there are same strong manikins like the Cecil one here as well. To my understanding, if you have made it this far, you should'nt have much trouble. I rushed this and only fought about one manikin so I could finish it quickly. That is my tip to you as well.

SPAMMING IS THE KEY TO THIS FIGHT. If you want to beat him skillfully, then I suggest REALLY godly equipment and smiting soul.

FERAL CHAOS LEVEL 130 HAS 125,698 HP. You have not misread this number. PLEASE BE PREPARED.

This is it. Once he is defeated you have beaten the entire game(story-wise).

Have fun playing as him and he is a really fun character to play as well. Good luck to you all.
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User Info: MyLucky777s

6 years ago#6
06-Closure/Special Thanks

I personally enjoyed writing this and I hope that it does get STICKIED. I have been dying to get at least one of my topics stickied and I just hope that this was enough.

I'd like to say that this guide may not be entirely perfect, but I believe it is enough.

Special Thanks to...


-Mega_Tyrant for helping me out and discovering new things that I did not know. He also helped me detail my topic even further. Thank you.
-Espeon8 for writing out that entire script and summarizing the story up. Thank you.

Thank you for being patient. Feel free to ask questions.
Once again, I hope that this does get STICKIED. Thank you all.

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User Info: Xashowd

6 years ago#7
And with that notice given, I humbly request this topic be Stickied. This would help a lot of people who haven't finished it yet.

Also, about the Gold/Silver statues...Do they increase the KP you've obtained in the dungeon, or the KP you have in the bottom-right hand of the screen?
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User Info: Espeon8

6 years ago#8
They increase the KP you've earned in the current dungeon, not all the KP you've amassed elsewhere.

Also requested for sticky.
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User Info: Arc166

6 years ago#9
Requested for sticky. - My thanks to Paulkotsu.

User Info: kkusagami

6 years ago#10
MyLucky777s posted...
Now to proceed with the story...

FERAL CHAOS LEVEL 130 HAS 160,000 HP. You have not misread this number. PLEASE BE PREPARED.

This is it. Once he is defeated you have beaten the entire game(story-wise).

Have fun playing as him and he is a really fun character to play as well. Good luck to you all.

Why Isnt Feral Chaos has 125698 HP ?
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