Easiest Ways to Farm PP

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User Info: railtracer13

6 years ago#1
I'm sure this has probably already been said but here you are in case you haven't thought of it before.

Mognet. Just switch the calendar then check the email, then switch the calendar and rinse and repeat. You get around 30 PP with each email opened along with items on occasion which you can use or sell. It seems like the best way to me for the littlest amount of effort.

Anyone else have anything else they can do...story mode really is the best (or quick match on special day and sit there and keep losing...you get 40 PP for losing...just don't get items like you do with mognet (which is funny to read at times).

KP is also relatively simple. Play through 013 (onion knight or terra's story and you will find at least one KP gamble at least once each time you go through it and only a little after is a place where there are 5-6 enemies use a multichain (they don't cost much), a KP gamble, and win all the fights...or just go to 000.

just a few things that have probably been said but in case they haven't...

User Info: DarkAres_02

6 years ago#2
I'm getting 10 PP a match without any bonuses. Is this due to having low level characters? Because I remember getting 30 PP a match with no bonuses in the first Dissidia...
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User Info: BaerkKonnevala

6 years ago#3
You get more than 10 PP per match from bonus day. My way for wracking up PP in particular though would be to do the greed path in the labyrinth. Use the secret battles to wrack up up 999 medals and exit. For about 10 or so fights allows you to rack up 999 more PP (allowing you to beat even the bonus day rate).

User Info: EpsteinBarr

6 years ago#4
In bonus day, you can get up to 40 PP per battle. I just fight on party-vs-party battle and wreck 5 characters in a row. It's a quick 200 PP, and takes no more than 10 minutes (on easy modes that is). You can rack up 1000 PP easily in an hour.

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