EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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  3. EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

User Info: Justforvisit

6 years ago#151

Dragon Kings Gateway and Forsaken Lands,

whereas Forsaken Lands is your best bet if you have Access to the Iai Strike Build, you'll get EVERY KP Chance as soon as you have broken your enemy, means the rest of the fight can take ages or you can retry as much as you want, and furthermore Forsaken Lands is the only Dungeon on the whole map that has 2 Silver and 1 Gold Moogle, so you can obtain around 900 KP in one go without KP Boosters.

Only annoyance about it is that it has 10 floors, but I think the massive amount of KP is worth it.

User Info: neochiken

6 years ago#152
just FYI bartz is rediculous against feral chaos, the combination of dark flame and hellfire completely keep chaos at bay, he slaughtered all 4 of my lvl 100 chars then my last char was lvl 53 bartz and I did the last 25k dmg to him as bartz

User Info: MegaDuran

6 years ago#153
the kp guide doesnt seem to work really, i hardly get 400 bravery from the chase attacks, so battles take much longer than 10 seconds and im often quickly defeated
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User Info: MegaDuran

6 years ago#154
ok, i got it, you need to equip yourself with accessiors that've got ex force absorb range + or anything else that sucks in exforce on its own
HeartGold FC: 1548 7565 7372
White FC: 4512 9636 0874

User Info: Sly_Cooper_14

6 years ago#155
hey u might have already posted this somewhere but where do u get the items for the lai strike build so i can defeat the dragon lair and start to unlock gengi armor?

User Info: ChekhovsGunman

6 years ago#156
MegaDuran posted...
the kp guide doesnt seem to work really, i hardly get 400 bravery from the chase attacks, so battles take much longer than 10 seconds and im often quickly defeated

Are you making sure you have your custom rules active? The method does work, if you follow the instructions to the letter.

User Info: AethelwolfRos

6 years ago#157
i made a pretty decent team for the first Feral Chaos fight, gonna find out if it works on the real thing later today, it was

Gilgamesh, pretty much epic fail, died with doing less than 5k hp

Ultimecia, spamming either that azure explosion, or hells judgement(feral chaos does a retarded backward jump against the wall when you use hell judgement sometimes, works often so it hits alot)

Kain, just spam spam spam the hell out of Jump, feral chaos never even attempts to attack you while charging jump, except right after getting jumped(lol@pun) so when you use Jump, dodge back once or twice, charge, and repeat, sometimes a Dragons Spear can save you from his Jump-bravery-retaliation attacks

Yuna, same as most, spam megaflare, he will dodge sometimes, try to use it just above him, he will either dodge into the attack, or you will float down a little into him, or a combo of the two. can also use ixion air hp attack sometimes

Emperor, jump and up-dodge to about halfway the stage height, use 3 of those secret HP traps in a triangle covering the entire circle, or most of it, dodge up some more, use a few mines, maybe that gravity exlposion, starcrest or w/e if you want, use Starfall, he almost never gets to you, too busy dodging >:D and try to repeat as needed. but remember, if you dont get to do damage with all you base bravery+any extra, your screwed, it takes forever to trap chaos into a starfall(only like 30 seconds but it seems to take so long)

Kain was amazing, i did half of his total HP, about 25k hp, with kain spam jumping alone, yuna took him down to 3k hp, then Emporer had a hard time with the leftover EX so try to make Feral Chaos NOT!! get the cores if you can, and this total fight took me like an hour, with countless retries after dying before not doing a satisfactory amount of damage, or getting pwned too early. but thats because i was improvising the entire time, only knowing of how to use yuna, gilgamesh was a bad idea i might replace him with..........Cecil...ya...Cecil is a royal pain with ranged attacks

i tried to fight a lvl 100 cecil with probably ferocious AI, it was in a dungeon on my way to the north continent, he wooped my ass,mainly because i forgot to reset the abilities and equipment on 2 of my characters. i did get him using ultimecia, knight lance for a shield, arrow spam, and somehow trapem with arrow+judgement, but ya
Cecil might be perfect for fighting Feral Chaos, Cecil paladin has a few good hp attacks, i dont know, i havnt played him yet, but they seem to be able to hit for a long ass distance

i would guess that im a pretty huge noob because i have like no booster accesories and havnt found out how to get any useful ones, and i barely use any because i cant get them, but i would think that my first fight against feral chaos was pretty dam frustrating, and then it got somewhat easy once i got kain, yuna, and Emperor into the fight, im expecting to spend half of the time i have left after school getting to the final feral chaos fight, then the other half of that time just fighting him,(about 6-8hours all together, so 3-4 hours getting to him, and 3-4 hours fighting him, give or take an hour to either side maybe)

and last thing, im probably going to break the "Retry" option bwuahaha, im sure that eventually im going to retry on someone like kain,yuna, or emperor, for the 20th time, and on one of those tries, there wont be a retry, only flee, rofls, im sure itll happen

oh my equipments where just the best things i could get, dont really know what it was, but they were pretty decent enough to face chaos apparently.

hope this might help somebody

User Info: AethelwolfRos

6 years ago#158
ok so last night i did get to the final feral chaos fight...and it was epic

kain did about 80k damage before he died,took feral chaos down to 53k hp in that one fight, i just kept jumping over and over, the 1k damage each hit would heal me, feral chaos wouldnt attack me while charging the Jump, now and then id use onion knight assist after a jump for a quick recharge of bravery

yuna did about 20k damage bringing him down to 33k hp, using mega flare and thors hammer, mostly megaflare

bartz was barely helpful, 10k hp, bringing him down to 23k, kept spamming dark flame, feral chaos was stuck near top of map, barely got down

ultimecia jumped to about halfway the stage height and spammed Hells judgement which finally tookem down to 0 hp,, was like 4 times easier than the lvl 95 fight earlier since he didnt have that booster

i saved kain,yuna,and ultimecia fights, only using 3 of 5 lol

User Info: dallas_sun

6 years ago#159

User Info: DracoMortus

6 years ago#160
My team v. Feral Chaos: Golbez, Yuna, Firion, Lightning, Gilgamesh

Golbez, Yuna and Firion each dealt 30-31k dmg to Feral... I almost think my Square button is broken ^^;;
Lightning is of no use...dealing 18k dmg before getting hit by Via f****** Dolorosa -_-
Gilgamesh...can you say winning at 1 hp left? Yeaahh.
Of course, then i crafted Smiting Soul, started trekking the Labyrinth and fighting FC suddenly looks like hopscotch.
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  3. EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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