EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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  3. EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.
Discovered something for the EXP one quite by accident. If you have Zalera the Death Seraph equipped, it will Auto-Activate at the start of the battle against Gabranth, giving you 9999 Brv automatically
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User Info: Rogue93

6 years ago#22
This is so helpful thank you so much.
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User Info: Espeon8

6 years ago#23
Since you managed to get this stickied, I might as well add all the info I've been gathering on where to find other valuable items in Scenario 000. Make sure that whatever you're looking for is not already sold by a moogle, as most of the Dusty Elixir/regular Elixir trade items are, including Scarletite.

Now for the stuff you can't get at moogle shops. These are all found in respawning treasure chests:

Tome of Mysteries - Gateway of Good and Evil, Gateway of Melting Snows (the latter is random)

Tome of Memories - Gateway of the Great Will

Tome of Lies - Encounters and Treason, Frozen Continent

Tome of the Farplane - Encounters and Treason, Gateway of Melting Snows (the latter is random)

Tome of Silence/Men/Adventure/Orator - 5th floor of Dreams of a Flying Castle (Mirage Tower teleport stone). There are 3 chests that will each contain one of these 4 tomes at random.

Lufenian set - Many places on the northern continent contain red or blue chests with Lufenian gear, but the easiest location to farm is the Conquered Trials Gateway, located at the Citadel of Trials. All 4 red chests contain random Lufenian pieces, and will respawn. The middle chest is guarded by a level 127 Sephiroth manikin; all the rest are guarded by level 80-ish manikins.

Imp set - 5th floor of Dreams of a Flying Castle has one treasure chest that always contains a random piece of Imp equipment.

Allure of Honey set - On the 5th floor of Shantotto's dungeon (Curses and Hopes of Yore), there will be one chest containing a random piece of this set.

Snowpetal set - Technically this is KP-purchasable, but the moogle shop is "unlocked" by completing the To a Foreign Land dungeon in the lands of discord. It's the same gateway used for the final battle of the 012 storyline.

Mega-elixir - A chest containing a mega-elixir will spawn every time you kill the final Feral Chaos boss. You can repeat this as many times as you wish.

Titan's Tear - Treasure chest on floor 3 of Forsaken Lands dungeon, at the Gaia teleport stone. Used to craft the Pride of the Titans set.

Dragon's Tear - 10th floor of Dragon King's Gateway. Used to craft the Whisper of the Wyrm set.

Electrum - Forsaken Lands dungeon, at the Gaia teleport stone. There is 1 on floor 4 (top right chest), 1 on floor 8 (bottom chest), and 2 on floor 10 (both on bottom right), for a total of 4 per run.

lvl 100 exclusive crafting materials (Unshelled Bullet, Theater Ticket, etc.) - Dragon King's Gateway. There are a total of 10 chests that will contain a random accessory for the lvl 100 exclusives. There's 4 on floor 5, 3 on floor 8, and 3 on floor 10.

High tier crafting materials (Eden's Cuirass, Iifa Tree, etc.) - Can be found in the BLUE chests in the Shantotto (Curses and Hopes of Yore), Gabranth (Land of the Stolen Crown), and Moogle (Chasm of the Rotting Land) dungeons. Each dungeon has several blue chests, each of which will contain one of the following AT RANDOM:

Chasm of the Rotting Earth

Darksteel Ingot
Gorgon Eye
Kujata Horn
Bismark Spine
Moore Log
Behemoth Leather
Carbuncle's Gem
Taharka Husk
Siren's Veil
Ixion's Mane

Curses and Hopes of Yore

Brass Ingot
Catoblepas Eye
Bahamut Horn
Syldra Spine
Elder Log
Humbaba Leather
Occurian Gem
Tiamat Carapace
Shiva's Veil
Sleipner's Mane

Land of the Stolen Crown

Eureka Metal
Shinryu Claw
Omega Skeleton
Iifa Tree
Demonic Black Leather
Huge Materia
Eden's Cuirass
Rebel Army Flag
Kluya's Beard
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User Info: Matt_Onyx

6 years ago#24
The exp grinding really works. I just got 50 levels from one battle as Sephiroth [who I hate, btw]... And the enemy was only fifty levels higher than me. Still working on level caps...
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User Info: Triple483

6 years ago#25
Diamond Rings can also be obtained by completing standard Arcade on Hard.
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User Info: RedHoundXIII

6 years ago#26
Sweet that exp grinding will come in handy =) stickying for later
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User Info: Pokeking

6 years ago#27
I am going to take it that the KP Bonus item isn't unlocked by completing 013. I did (unless I'm supposed to get all the cutscenes because I missed Ultimecia and Sephiroth's) complete 013 and since Wednesday is my Bonus Day, today it didn't appear. I guess if it games 1500 KP to unlock, I suppose I could use KP Gamble and use it in the dungeon near the Onrac teleport stone.
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User Info: ChekhovsGunman

6 years ago#28
I would like at least a little bit of credit for the KP grinding set. While yes, ujhbn is the first person I know of who posted that strategy, the write up that you have included here is the one that I drafted to clarify and improve upon the original.

User Info: itperson

6 years ago#29
Regarding the Kp chance in the Forsaken Lands, you can break the enemy in every battle if you use both Odins and equip a Rabbit's Foot

User Info: Zzeke

6 years ago#30
Can anyone elaborate on where to find the Iai Strike Build's accessories?
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  3. EXP, AP, KP grinding, level 100 gear and the infamous Iai Strike build.

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