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where to get shinryu claw?

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User Info: ervinivin

6 years ago#1
I got 1 from battling a lvl 100 cloud but I wasn't able to save it because during that fight, my mog's amulet broke (I exited the game).

So aside from that, where can i get shinryu claw?

User Info: Devourer2192

6 years ago#2
items needed:
shinryu x1
kitchen knife x1
cutting board x1

take the shinryu put its arm on the cutting board now take the kitchen knife and proced to cut on the shinryus arm at the wrist. you now have 1 shinryu's claw
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User Info: Espeon8

6 years ago#3
Always here to help with this link that I've used too often now.
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User Info: Django_Warrior1

6 years ago#4
Two megalixers in teh shop.
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