All Known Labyrinth Info Compiled

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User Info: infintebajan

6 years ago#61
What items can you take from the labyrinth?

Can you take all the 'rare' items?
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User Info: Sojiro_Blue

6 years ago#62

Man, I just got the whole Flavor of Life set, and it disappears after I leave the labyrinth even though I reached a goal?


(message deleted)

User Info: Algernon

6 years ago#64
So I've kind of put my cottage in a difficult position. I reached the exit at Pinhole Galleria 46F, so I decided to build a cottage so I wouldn't lose my stuff. However, that cottage ended up at the Cloister of Duels 2 44F, and it's kind of difficult to win consistently with no equips. What should I do?
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User Info: Enlong

6 years ago#65
Alright. How do I get through the Golden Door in Cloister of Demise, Floor 96?

I've won without taking damage, and I've won hundreds of medals in one fight. Do I need to fight something with a ridiculously high level? Party or Boss card? What?
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User Info: NotASadist

6 years ago#66
I can say this with a fair amount of certainty, you have the wrong places listed for rage/sorrow of conflict.

Rage of conflict SHOULD be found in pinhole galleria.

Sorrow of conflict SHOULD be found in cloister of mirages.(sadly)

Just clearing that up.
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User Info: Mystery_Cooper

6 years ago#67
Well, I f***ing give up.

My PSP's been glitching out on me recently, continually going to the "Do you want to quit the game?" screen. This happened several times during the last Feral Chaos fight, which almost made me lose several times, but then I finally win and...

white screen. Nothing. My game froze. Hours upon hours of getting through the Labyrinth, and now it ends with the game freezing.

I don't care what the game says. I've got all of the Accomplishments.

Evidently, anyone got a Save File with a completed Labyrinth (no hacked files please)? Probably asking for a lot, but if anyone's feeling generous, maybe PM me it? >_>
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User Info: pichtt

6 years ago#68
That's just sad... I don't have 100% labyrinth save yet, so I can't really help...
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User Info: Lucienx7

6 years ago#69
I don't have the labyrinth completely cleared (100%) but I have beaten chasos twice, if that helps at all.

User Info: hawk222

5 years ago#70
So, the image of the Labyrinth that was posted on the first page has been removed from the hosting site, TinyPic. Is there another picture that can be used, or the same one on a different site?
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