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User Info: FearfulBlaze

5 years ago#1
Full Thread:

Tier List (chart):

Still not complete. A lot of the numbers are currently fillers, mainly Shantotto's and some of the underused unrepresented characters, such as Emperor and a few others. However, the majority of this has been tested through and through.

It takes Assists into accounts, but not stages. Feral Chaos is not included because he is banned in the current meta-game. The last time we had him included, around nine months ago, he had a total of 204.

Feel free to discuss and whine and cry and complain about it.

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User Info: Parukia256

5 years ago#2
This game is ass




User Info: negi_magician

5 years ago#3
So going across a character's appearance (example: SSS Ultimecia), you'll have a number. That number's how many wins they have /10 (excluding mirror matches where they're split evenly), correct? Meaning that if it's a, 8/10 against X character, then 8/10 matches typically end with the winner being Ultimecia?

If so, then when I look at these tiers, I'm only slightly surprised to see Squall so high on the list. Beyond that, it all makes sense. Especially since this tier list is based off of the current metagame, which is just a serious stall fest.

User Info: raazychx

5 years ago#4
Why is Feral Chaos banned? Feral Chaos is a wimp anyway.

User Info: negi_magician

5 years ago#5
raazychx posted...
Why is Feral Chaos banned? Feral Chaos is a wimp anyway.

Because he's like Akuma in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Sure, he's a character. But the only effective counter when a human player is using Akuma/ FC is another Akuma/ FC. It's so obvious that they're the top character, that if we let them in tournaments then that's all we'd ever see (with a few exceptions but there's no way they'd win, statistically speaking). It over-centralizes the metagame.

In the same way that if we didn't ban certain items, moves and abilities (as well as combinations) then it would ruin the metagame of Pokemon. Sure, there's tiers and all... but if you know anything about Pokemon then you'd see why Moody deserves to be banned.

User Info: GuilmonDX

5 years ago#6
Most of his brave attacks are mid priority so u can crush your opponent with less effort.. In small stages, just spam his long range HP attack on a player and you win. No skill using him what so ever.
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User Info: somerandomguy14

5 years ago#7
List is pretty accurate.

But why is Golbez so low?
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User Info: darkdragonflame

5 years ago#8
Looks like a pretty good list
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User Info: jeof96

5 years ago#9
Ultimecia Highest Tier? Gotta main her!
Sephiroth Top Tier? Gotta sub him!
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User Info: Jecths_Fayth

5 years ago#10
This is so weird. I just started training with Ultimecia yesterday and she's top of the list today? Cool. ^_^
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