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User Info: Shihali

4 years ago#51
I like the Crono quotes in general, although a Queen Zeal reference could be worked in there somewhere.

User Info: JechtInfinity

4 years ago#52
II'm not saying that I am typing this on the toilet, just saying the facts.
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User Info: Lunar_Soul

4 years ago#53
Eh, why not. I'll do Ramza, too.

Ramza Beoulve

Equips: Sword, Greatsword, Dagger, Shield, Helms, Hats, Heavy Armor, Robes, Clothing

Unique Equipment(Sword-type):
Level 1 - Apprentice's Blade
Level 30 - Mercenary Sword - Damage + 5 percent
Level 90 - Zodiac Slayer - Damage +10 percent
Level 100 - Beoulve Heirloom - Damage +15 percent, Riposte effect

EX Mode: All jobs mastered!
•Critical Boost
•Battle Shout - Boosts stats(including movement speed) and enhances the effects of attacks.
•Ultima - Activate with R + []. After a short cast time, a small orb of energy is dropped from above the foe, creating a moderate sized explosion upon impact with the foe or terrain for HP damage.

Bravery Attacks


•Horizon Edge - Quick horizontal slash. Low power, but quick execution. Can start Chase.
EX Mode - After impact, fires several high speed fireballs at foe for extra damage. Can still start Chase.

•Stone Toss(ground) - Throws a small rock at the foe. Minimal damage, but extremely quick attack with good range. Medium-ranged.
EX Mode - Throws three consecutive shuriken instead, dealing additional damage. Can combo without hitting.

•Ascending Blade - Vertical strike that launches foe skyward. Can wallrush upward. Average damage & speed.
EX Mode - Engulfs foe in a tornado after connecting with the initial strike, dealing additional damage before launching the foe further than normal. Can WR upward.

•Shoulder Tackle - Quick short-ranged tackle. Crushes Guard and deals high damage, but has extremely short range. Can WR Forward.
EX Mode - Slugs foe with a powerful punch after connecting with the sword strike, dealing additional damage and sending the foe flying. Can WR forward.


•Smiting Blow - Downward sword slash than slams foe to the ground. Can WR downward.
EX Mode - Slash hurls foe into a gravity orb, which deals additional damage and slams the foe down further than normal. Can WR Down. Note that if the attack is used too close to the ground, the gravity orb will not spawn properly.

•Stone Toss(Air) - Same as the ground version.

•Flash Blade - Lunge forward quickly with a diagonal slash. Has more range than most of Ramza's sword attacks, and can start Chase.
EX Mode - After connecting, releases energy contained within the sword as a damaging wave of energy. Can still start Chase.

HP Attacks


•Fivefold Blade(Ground) - A series of five heavy two-handed slashes.(Think halfway between Cloud's Cross Slash and Seph's Octaslash.) Short range, but deals good Bravery damage and can WR forward.
EX Mode - Each slash that connects is punctuated with a small explosion, increasing Brv damage dealt.

•Focused Slash(Ground) - Charge with button hold. On release, lunges forward with a leaping slash. Distance increases with charge time.
EX Mode - Charges at 2x speed.


•Fivefold Blade(Air) - same as Ground version.

•Focused Slash(Air) - same as Ground version.

...I'll admit, I had trouble with the HP Attacks.
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User Info: Lunar_Soul

4 years ago#54
Ramza Beoulve

EX Burst - Math Skill - a chain of precision magics bombards the foe.

Command: The following will appear on screen:

[CT] | [2] [Spell Name]
[Exp] | [3]
[Level] | [5]
[Height] | [Prime Number]

A randomly selected value will appear on screen with either CT, Height, Level, or Exp(note that Level/Exp are not based on the enemy's Level/Exp, and the value will always be between 2 and 100). The player must choose the correct combination to cast the named spell. For example, 'CT 24' would require CT & 3 or CT & 2 be selected. 3 Spells will be cast like this - Thundaga, Graviga, and Flare. Getting all 3 will result in a Perfect, where Ramza casts CT5 Holy, bombarding the foe with beams of brilliant light from numerous angles. Failing will simply result in Ramza dealing a single slash for HP damage.
Now, will you dance inside the dream?

User Info: Blues255

4 years ago#55
Simmedon posted...
To round out Crono, I'm going to try and make up some various encounter and victory quotes. Since he's a silent protagonist for nearly 100% of the game, this'll be somewhat tough. So don't judge me too harshly on my choices.

Short encounter (the quick lines that are said at the start of battle when the option is set to short. 15 in total):

Weak enemy 1:...
2: ...
Equal enemy 1: ...
2: ...
3: ...
Strong enemy 1: ...
2: ...
Low on health 1: ...
2: ...
Generic: ...
Party battle start: ...
After win: ...
After loss ...
The final round (after win): ...
The final round (after loss): ...

This was what I was expecting =P not bad choices though.
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