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User Info: Masamune1117

4 years ago#1
I read in one FAQ that Kain can combo into Jump from Cyclone(Ground) I cant seem to get it to connect. Jump is supposed to hit on the way up once they fly overhead from Cyclone. I'm not sure if I'm DCing it right, I'm canceling into a forwad dash as soon as Cyclone hits then charge Jump for 1.5s but it still doesn't work, any tips?

User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

4 years ago#2
Cyclone>Jump isn't very reliable at all. Recovery grants temporary invulnerability, which complicates this quite a bit. Jumping 3 times with Kuja as an Assist is more reliable than Cyclone>Jump.
Now landing Lance Barrage or Celestial Shooter off of Cyclone isn't all that difficult. The rub is the general lack of wallrush from such a combo (possible, but highly unlikely). Landing Gungnir off Cyclone isn't very likely, but again, it can happen if you're very quick.

I'm rather against Cyclone, mostly because the move seems good but fails to compliment his style, which is to punish whiffed attacks and dodges. As a dodge punisher, it's a bit too slow and doesn't have enough tracking to be effective in that capacity. Not saying it won't work - simply that it's pretty crappy at it.
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User Info: EVA_ZERO

4 years ago#3
Cyclone -> Dargon's Fang is what I use. There's a very decent chance to hit with Dragon's Fang if you dodge forward as soon as Cyclone goes off. Of course you can always land Celestial Shooter or Lance Barrage, and wall rushing with them isn't the only way to extend the combo further either. As for Cyclone -> Jump, I never thought of that, mostly because Cyclone leaves you in the air (even the ground version), so you have to deal with the landing lag before you can Jump, but I can imagine that it's very possible to land it. Will have to try later.

User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#4
You will NEVER land Cyclone>Jump.
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User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

4 years ago#5
From: kewldude475 | #004
You will NEVER land Cyclone>Jump.

Pretty much what I wanted to say.


Cyclone -> Dragon's Fang is what I use. There's a very decent chance to hit with Dragon's Fang if you dodge forward as soon as Cyclone goes off.

Indeed, a great combo. If you use Cyclone, you have to try this combo out.
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User Info: ZeoPamaster

4 years ago#6
gonna be honest, I've never even thought of Cyclone->Jump combo before >.> but from the above posts I'm assuming it's not really recommendable.
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User Info: The_Lost_Sabre

4 years ago#7
It is ALWAYS reliable, on computer who can't recover that is. ;3
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User Info: Masamune1117

4 years ago#8
Man it looks so boss when you connect Jump during the ascending portion of it rather than only on the downward part.

User Info: 921sora

4 years ago#9
i never use cyclone for certain reasons... they can block it, or dodge twice in like 1 second o.o
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