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User Info: blipster

6 years ago#1
DAO ultimate edition.....first thought....YEEEEEEEEH
Second thought... i already have downloaded all stuff that became available in the PSN store .
Now the question. Does this ultimate edition add anything to what i already have or not?
i''m not gonna buy this if i already have everything.

User Info: legendofmajora

6 years ago#2
Proud Owner of a silver slim PS2 and slim PS3

User Info: mmc2679

6 years ago#3
If you have everything then there's really no point in spending more money. Just download whatever u don't have.
Since I am here that means I am hopelessly lost and need your help with something (or I have nothing better to do at the moment).

User Info: blipster

6 years ago#4
thank you

User Info: TristanH12

6 years ago#5
Didnt they list out EVERYTHING that it has on the official website?

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