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User Info: GX6000

6 years ago#1
Can someone post a list of all special for all characters in this game and how to preform them? Some characters have only 2 and some have 4. Some characters like sasuke need to be low in health to do a different special. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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User Info: wordlifepomp

6 years ago#2
I did not feel like making the entire list but i will do some of the characters.

There are links that shows all of the jutsus.

Every character has at least two specials. D.X means Down X.
You do D.X by pressing the X button while holding the analog stick down.

J.X means jump X
B.X means Back X

Just because someone has many specials doesn't mean they should have low health.

To do any character's special you press X on the gamecube controller or Classic controller.
1 button and 2 button on the Wii mote
Down on control pad for nunchuck style.

X- Double Lightning blade
X then down- Earth Style: Split Earth projection palm
X then Up- Wind Style: Rising Dragon
X then back- Fire Syle: Fire ball Jutsu
Back X-Sharingan

Hold X with Sharingan-Mangekyo Sharingan

X- Painful Sky leg
Down. X - Reverse seal release: Ninja art Mitotic regeneration

X Jutsu
D.X Snake sword
Back.X Rashmoon

X- Sage mode: Massive Rasengan
D.X Ninja art summoning: Bring down the house

X- for her jutsu. Not sure if it has a name
D.X- for her Cherry blossom impact
Back.X for her Medical ninjutsu

X for her jutsu.
D.X which is a reaction jutsu. Meaning that if she is hit in a prepared state, you will fall into her jutsu.
Back.X Bayakugan Hinata
D.X Rotation
X Eight Trigram 64 palms

X Jutsu
D.X- for it to work you have to press D.a meaning Down. A
The d.A circle works as follows: for one chakra bar (actually a pinch less), the circle comes out for about twelve seconds.
Once you have a full chakra bar, run back inside the circle and press dX to initiate it.

Anbu Kakashi
- X chidori (can be charged, for more range and damage)
- u.X. chidori diagonally (can be charged)
- j.X chidori finisher from the air, if used close to and upright opponent turns into aerial grab into chidori finisher
I don't know how to do the other one.

D.X Amerterasu. D.X charged does a lot of damage and
Back.X Susano
J.X for the Fire syle: Fireball Jutsu

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User Info: Vincent25

6 years ago#3

X = Giant Rasengan
Jump X = Air Rasengan
Back X = Nine Tailed Naruto

Nine Tailed Naruto
X= Claw attack
Down X = Chakra Wave
Jump X= Chakra Wave


X = Chidori
Down X = Amaterasu (can release before it's finished)
Back X = Chidori Stream
Back X (LNP) = Kirin


X= Punch attack
Down X = jumping punch attack
Back X = Healing Jutsu
Jump X=


X= Lightning Blade
X up= Wind Style Jutsu
X down = Earth Style Jutsu
X back = Fire style Jutsu
X forward = Water Style Jutsu
Back X = Sharingan

Sharingan Kakashi
X = Mangekyo Sharingan

X = 64 palms
Down X = Giant Rotation

X = Primary Lotus
Back X = open 1st gate
Back X (again) = open 5th gate
X in 5th gate= Hidden Lotus
Down X in lnp= Teleport

X= Weapon Dragon
Jump X= Weapon Barrage

X= Morning Peacock
Down X= Nunchuku Attack
Back X= Open Gate
Back X (in lnp after gate is open) = Fake Gate

X= Shadow Stitching Jutsu
Down X= Shadow Drop Jutsu

X= Human Boulder
Down X= Human Boulder bounce

X = Punch attack or Kick then paper bomb (random)
Down X= Flower Attack
Back X(lnp)= Mind Transfer Jutsu

X= Chakra Blade Attack
Down X= Chakra Blade Combo

X= Fang Over Fang
Down X= Better Fang Over Fang
Back X(lnp)= Dog Teleport

X= Parasitic Insects Jutsu
Down X= Parasitic Insects Spike

X= Gentle Fist Combo
Down X= Counter
Back X= Byakugan Hinata

Byakugan Hinata
X= 64 Palms
Down X= Giant Rotation

X= Tree Genjutsu
Down X= Counter Tree Explosion

X= Sand Burial
Down X= Sand Arm
While Blocking X = Sand Coffin

X= Iron Maiden
Down X= Poison Bomb and Kunai combo
Jump X= Poison Bomb and Kunai Combo

X= Wind Scythe Jutsu
Down X= Wind Tornado

X= Blades of Wind
Down X= Wind Tornado

X= Puppet Attack
Down X= Puppet Dash Attack

X=Tsukuyomi or Crow Genjutsu (random)
Down X= Amaterasu (can release before it's finished)
Back X= Susano oh
Jump X= Fireball Jutsu

X= Sharkskin combo
Down X= Water Style Water Shark Bomb Jutsu

X= Clay Bomb Attack
Down X= Clay Counter
Back X= Explosion

X= Tail and Arm Combo
Down X= Poison Gas Attack

X= Iron Sand Unleash
Down X= 3rd Kazekage Iron Sand attack

X= Stab self attack
X up= Stab self attack
Down X= Stab Self attack (can only be done after down a with full chakra)

X= Fire style and Wind Style combo
Down X= Earth Style

X= Snake Wrap Jutsu
Down X= Snake Sword Jutsu
Back X= Rashomon

X= Super Giant Rasengan
Down X= Bring Down the House Jutsu

X= Katsuyu Attack
Down X= Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu (activates instantly in lnp)

X= Chakra Scalpel Combo
Down X= Feather Illusion Jutsu
Back X= Shrug (then press A and he does a scalpel attack) (it's not a special though as it doesn't take chakra and isn't that good)

X= Flip grab attack
Down X= Snake Attack

X= Sword Attack
Down X= Dash Sword attack (in lnp is 2 hits)

Anbu Kakashi
X= Chidori
X up= Chidori up
Jump X= Air Chidori (or as others like to call it End of the line)
while blocking X= Chidori Combo
Back X= Sharingan (sharingan has the same supers as regular anbu kakashi)

X= Super Beast Scroll
Down X= Super Beast Scroll Bird Combo

X= Wood Clone Jutsu
Down X= Wood Forrest Jutsu

User Info: Vincent25

6 years ago#4
Killer Bee
X= Lariat
Down X= Dashing Lariat
Back X(lnp)= 8 Tails Aura blast (when you go lnp he automatically does it but you can do it manually after that)

X=Raiger Bomb
Down X= Lightning Attack

The Fourth Hokage
X= Teleport Rasengan
Down X(lnp)= Set Kunai
Back X(lnp) = Teleport to Kunai (only after you set a kunai
Back X(lnp) with no kunai set= Cancel (most likely a glitch)
Jump X= Teleport attack

Sage Mode Naruto
X= Rasenshuriken
Down X= RasenShuriken
Back X= Gain Chakra

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