How much would you pay?

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User Info: MrPinkOfCanada

7 years ago#1
Seeing as Case Zero was 400 points it'd be nice to think this will be too.

But I imagine it will probably be 800-1200, leaning more toward the 1200 as M$ seems to love that price point.

So what's it worth to you?

I'd pay as much as 1600 but I'm a huge fan of Frank.

User Info: Merc123

7 years ago#2
1200 at the very most but i would be pretty unhappy, especially if the quality is like Case Zero. Case Zero was amazing for 400 points and would have been good for 800 and a hard sell for 1200. Same rules here.

I REALLY hope its 400 again.
"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs

User Info: Gitarooman

7 years ago#3
0 point, I dont pay full price for a game then have to pay again for epilogue/ending. Am I trolling, no, just ppl need to wake up and stop supporting this bs. Like seiously, whats next, dlc last boss?

User Info: mario_pot

7 years ago#4
an epilogue happens after the ending
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User Info: Merc123

7 years ago#5
Anyways im sure that development in Dead Rising 2 is done now, and all we got is a TGS announcement trailer for Case West which is probably still in development. Some people are taking this out of context really. Just because it happens after and is talked about before the games comes out does not mean this was in development when the game was.

"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs


7 years ago#6
1200 points and nothing more

User Info: EricksHinumaru

7 years ago#7
I don't think it'll be worth 1200. I'm a deadset DR fan, but... that's a little too much.
"There is lots of bondage and they love when you run a train on them." Nightlion on prostitutes in RDR
GT: EricksHinumaru

User Info: BTips

7 years ago#8
To have the ability to play co-op with Chuck AND Frank? 1200 easily. If this epilogue is gonna show off them going to finish off this zombie infection, i want it to be as long as possible.
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User Info: FueledbyRageX

7 years ago#9
You usually get what you pay for! Case Zero was good but very limited and short.
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User Info: Ivany2008

7 years ago#10
it may have been limited and short but in my opinion(which isnt worth much) i think that, that type of environment should have been the environment for the sequel, not another damn mall

sure dr1s mall was nice but just seeing another mall to me was kind of annoying especially when case zero had a small town which was so gorgeous even though it was tiny.
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