This is absolutely ridiculous

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  3. This is absolutely ridiculous

User Info: leon_trunks

7 years ago#1
Both the epilogue and the prologue to the Dead Rising 2 story are only available on the 360??...This is absolutely unacceptable IMO. I have a 360 and a ps3 and I really feel that ps3 should have gotten both the prologue and the epilogue too because they never had a chance to play Dead Rising 1 and have very little information regarding the dead rising story.

Wouldn't you agree? I mean sure, ps3 players can google the story or youtube it, but wouldn't a playable scenario for the backstory at least be expected? Seeing as how they are being so kind with the 360 players to give them a full helping of Dead Rising?

User Info: Merc123

7 years ago#2
No i really dont feel sorry for PS3.

There are other games that PS3 gets downloadable things for and Xbox does not. Downloadable exclusives are nothing that new. Sure it most of the time doesnt relate to the story, but PS3 got a mafia 2 download that did relate to the DLC that just came out, left 360 fans in the dark about the new DLC apparently.
"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs

User Info: leon_trunks

7 years ago#3
but in Dead Rising's case, they only getting the sequel. (Warhawk montage)

User Info: True_Chaos_UK

7 years ago#4

Im sure for a Ps3 only owner who has never played the original they may not care anout Frank as fans of the original do. Also as stated Ps3 gets loads of stuff especially now from EA.

It would be nice if we all got the same things, I would love MoH Frontline or DeadSpace Extraction for free but it ain't gonna happen unless I purchase the Ps3 version of MoH and DS2.

User Info: BBilbo1

7 years ago#5
Microsoft PAID them to make content for their system.

If you're upset, blame Sony for not buying a deal like that, also.
GamerTag: Hammer2Fall

User Info: UncleWesker

7 years ago#6
It'll probably come out in a few months for PC/PS3 like most other "exclusive" DLC

User Info: Cuccio123

7 years ago#7
Does the PS3 need it?
I don't recall Frank being near the PS3 ever.

He was on the Wii more times than the PS3.

DR1 is an Xbox game.
The 360 should have Frank.
The 360 deserves this exclusive.

I still can't believe how greedy PS3 users are (generalized).
This is some little tiny thing and it's got more complaints about being exclusive rather than compliments on it being good.

Seriously, it's one thing.
If you care that much, get a 360.

I don't even know why the PS3 users need it.
Most haven't played Dead Rising 1, and if they had,
then they either have an Xbox to play the 1st one
or a Wii.

User Info: metal_advent

7 years ago#8

Case Zero would be kinda hard to follow if you never played the first, and this case West seems more fan service than anything else, more of a bonus for xbox DR1 fans, I really don't think these would make sense to an exclusive PS3 owner, or hold the same value as a DR1 fan.

User Info: TB_Kite

7 years ago#9
Haha I love the stupid fanboy logic here, "Oh you PS3 people never played the first one so you don't need the prologue and epilogue!" yeah it's totally fair to cheat us out of elements of the story just because we didn't get the game on the PS3 so we wouldn't care! Beato is <3

User Info: Merc123

7 years ago#10
Its kinda the same thing with Mass Effect 2 on PS3 though i think thats even worse since a huge point of the Mass Effect Trilogy was to have things transcend between games. Missing the first chapter of a Trilogy, especially a story driven Bioware Trilogy isnt good.

Case Zero and Case West are a bit different. They are more like how the PS3 got the Joker on Arkham Asylum, DLC or Arcade games that are exclusive. And Case Zero didnt have a TON of story so if Case West is the same then people are not missing out too much story wise. Would be nice if we all got the same stuff but it just doesnt happen.
"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs
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